RANGO – “THE CHAMELEON SHERIFF” -“THE MOVIE” Let's Play Walkthrough -(XBOX360)

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♥ About this game: Rango is an action/adventure game set in a gritty, tiny Wild West world full of anomalous characters, wild rides and frenetic shootouts. Players of all ages will meet the citizens of the town of Dirt and play Rango’s wacky Tall Tales of Adventure, packed with intense action and bizarre scenarios. After saving Dirt from the drought, players are challenged to maintain Rango’s reputation as a sheriff and embark on his wacky adventures, performing dizzying feats while inventing spectacular and awe-inspiring stories for his fellow Dirtonians. Players will explore a variety of environments that appear in and outside the film, and must complete near-impossible feats as they work to uncover a sinister alien plot that threatens to kidnap the entire population of Dirt. Along the way, Rango will encounter all the trappings of an adventure set in the Old West – riding, jumping, fighting, and shooting – that were crafted from the film’s small desert scene. Rango the Video Game features awesome gameplay sequences; authentic characters and intense action combined with bizarre scenarios that are sure to stimulate the wild imagination of all Rango fans. Trophies/Achievements – Complete near-impossible feats to earn trophies/achievements that can be found all over the Wild West town of Dirt. Ride Roadrunners and Desert Bats – Race through the desert atop these unconventional cars as you perform extraordinary acrobatic chases. Golden Bullet – Hone your sheriff shooting skills in unique ranges with golden bullets that will impress your Dirtonic admirers. Wild West Shootouts – Take on hordes of hostile rodents as you show the town who’s boss in good old fashioned shootouts where guns are on fire and trails are shining.’ Meet the Dirtonians – From a group of mariachi birds providing color commentary to a pack of feral rabbits, your fellow townspeople will provide no shortage of fun and entertainment.

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