Ranji Debacle: After President Rohan Jaitley’s Scathing Mail To Apex Council, DDCA Sacks Selection Panel


The Delhi and District Cricket Association (DDCA) on Thursday sacked the senior selection committee comprising former national selectors Gagan Khoda, Mayank Sidhana and Anil Bharadwaj, the same day the state team lost to Saurashtra in a Ranji Trophy group league game. The Delhi senior side slumped to an innings and 214-run defeat against Saurashtra on Thursday and now have two points from four matches after facing two straight defeats.

On Day 1, Delhi slumped to 10 for 7 inside the first hour on damp wickets and could have been more embarrassing.

A day after reports of turmoil at the DDCA following Sidhana’s “walkout” after the PTI fell out with God over the U-25 team selection, a visibly upset President Rohan Jaitley sent a scathing email to all Apex Council members expressing his “approval of the way the men’s selection committees of the DDCA conducting his affairs” placing his “approval” upon him.

“Yes, the Cricket Advisory Committee has been formed Nikhil ChopraGursharan Singh and Reema Malhotra Will select the team for the next three matches as Delhi are already out. After the public fall of Sidhana and Khoda, the office-bearers approved the dismissal of the committee,” a senior director of DDCA told PTI on condition of anonymity.

Jaitley’s e-mails, which are in PTI’s possession, were a sort of correspondence for the three.

“I am compelled to write this mail to record my disapproval of the manner in which the male selection committees of DDCA are conducting their affairs. It seems that such committees are functioning without any vision and mission,” Jaitley’s sticker was as scathing as it could get.

In fact, the DDCA president has openly questioned Chairman Khoda’s practice of selecting 22 players for each match.

Injured player instead of injured player

Jaitley revealed without naming how an injured player was sent as a replacement for an injured player.

“The manner in which players are being picked and replaced has become a topic of discussion at the hat drop. Recently in a meeting it was reported that a senior player was sent as a replacement who was reported to be injured, on arrival the replacement was also declared injured and another one was sent. is

“Despite clearly informing the committee that the number of players will be limited to 15-16 players, the committee has repeatedly recommended a squad of 20-22 members for each team. Hence, these committees are not only harming the DDCA but also the game of cricket,” the president said bluntly. could become

India have no chance in the current Delhi set-up

Mention must be made of the young captain Yash DhullThe arbitrary decision to bat lower down the order has raised several questions about his temperament. Even on flat tracks, dirt seams and swing bowlers don’t want to face.

Jaitley was surprised that Delhi currently does not have a player, who could ideally be called India’s prospect.

“There was a time when the Indian team would have at least 4 to 5 Delhi players. The situation today is such that we cannot even name a single player whom we (management and selectors) consider as potential candidates for the national team.” What irked Jaitley more was that the selectors did not do their job despite being given a “free hand and full support”.

“There is an absolute lack of planning for Delhi cricket in the face of a clear lack of vision and future course as discussed and planned… It is unfortunate that the selection committee has shown the same commitment.” In fact, Jaitley’s mail also attached PTI’s January 4 Apex Council report to the members.

“Disagreement and discussion is one part, however, wrangling and taking those matters into public domain is another issue. Copies of media reports, print and electronic media articles are being attached to this mail for reference of all (attached) as Annexure-A). .”

The former national selector is not participating in the trial match

He came down heavily on God for not taking part in the trial game. “If the electors are busy with their personal work and are unable to participate in the election process, which is a time sensitive matter, it would be wise for such electors to inform the DDCA about their engagement and inability to continue.” Jaitley also questioned the way India’s former pacer Pankaj Singh He was not allowed to attend the U-25 selection meeting as head coach.

“In my mind, it is most important that not only the head coach attends every selection committee meeting, but his opinion should also be considered before making the final decision on the selection.

“It becomes more important when the selectors wash their hands by commenting that “We select the team and the coach selects the playing eleven.” Sidana, Khoda and Bharadwaj are reported to have broken the code of conduct to bring their differences in public. Apart from the pink slip, the financial May face fines.

“Those who are disrespectful to the institution need to be dealt with appropriately. The role of the electorate is that which has been aptly summed up as ‘Caesar’s wife must be above suspicion’.

For Jaitley, it was clear that the selectors were “more preoccupied with personal matters than serving Delhi cricket”.

They indulged in mud and street fights instead of working for the players and Delhi Cricket.

(This story has not been edited by NDTV staff and is generated automatically from a syndicated feed.)

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