1. Kratos proceeds to bring out his axe as soon as Ninja is in prime chopping position

    Also am I the only one who thinking about how unflattering Ninja's hair looks with that formal attire?

  2. Мальчик: Награда достаётся ниндзя
    Кратос: либо ты мой сын(Атрей), либо тот кто всех обманывает и скрывает правду(Локи).

  3. His wife is definitely for the money. I mean I don’t know how the relationship is now because I don’t care, but still definitely in it for the money

  4. You ever in the middle of getting an amazing blowjob and you all of a sudden get a phone call and the caller ID is your wife? That’s what this was. To a T.

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