1. ● ter·ror·ism ● the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.

    Democrats (all of 2019 and 2020 in over 140 Innocent American cities) and Republicans (Jan06/2021) are rioting domestic terrorist organizations.
    They commit and support mass shootings, bombings and rioting which terrorize the innocent 110 million REAL AMERICANS who are not registered in your domestic terrorist groups.
    As an American, I refuse to negotiate or participate with you domestic political terrorists. I will not listen or follow anything any Democrat or Republican says to do. I will not listen to any government organization controlled by these domestic political terrorist groups. I will not fund your terrorist activities and domestic war with taxes.

    Glad I am not a registered democrat or republican mentally ill terrorist traitor and 1 of 110 MILLION REAL AMERICANS in this country.

  2. I'm Conservative, shame on the GOP for trying to push these losers on us again, apparently they failed to learn after we threw Trump into their toilet bowl to blow it up.

  3. Palin not only lost but overwhelmingly lost. A 10% spread in what the GOP thought was a sured up place for them is amazing. Also the people of Alaska chose to do ranked choice voting and they voted to it because it eliminates the need for run off elections. Run off elections are basically ranked choice voting just done at two different times and people have to come out twice. It also gives more people a chance to run and gets away from the two party two candidate situation we have been in for a long time

  4. i am sure the democrats will do something about the record breaking cost of everything. don't cry when you are freezing and have no food LMAO

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