Sarah Palin loses special election for Alaska’s House seat to native Democrat

In an attempt to make a political comeback, former Alaska governor Sarah Palin lost in a special election for a House…

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  1. The original delusional idiotic politician who actually inspired the Trumpian politics, who admitted she doesn't read, cries out the media is unfair and 'gotcha' for asking straightforward questions, and who fires up hatred an xenophobia by screaming buzzwords like "globalists."
    Imagine she was going to be 2nd in line for the U.S. presidency. The U.S. has been playing with fire for a while now.

  2. All these comments are democrats demons don’t know their Hindends from a hole in the ground!!!!!! But will soon be woken up , when they hear the Trumpet sound and see Jesus coming and then they will know but it will be too late

  3. Will Biden make it to 2024. He does not look well. Wonder if the Dems win the house and Senate for mid terms. I Hope we Do and I hope Biden is ok. We need to keep power. So we can have more open boarders. We can also let out more criminals from prison. Give them all second chances.
    Paying high Gas prices is ok for me , it won't last for ever. Inflation is a part off life. We just need to buy extra warm clothes if we can't afford to heat our home this winter. Crime Rate is ok even if it's on the increase, just don't go out at night. Come on Dems. Power to the people.

  4. Sarah Palin deserves to lose big time, she allowed Donald Trump to attack John McCain and she called the police on her son for assaulting his Dad. Alaska needed change and the people made the right decision.

  5. All concerned American Citizens (banned/censored ?) can share their views on Open Borders/Busing Illegals/Stolen Election etc on Blue/Sanctuary State Business Review Sites. WIDE OPEN
    Campus Library's. Museums. Nail Salons. Bars/Restaurants. Car Dealerships etc.

  6. I don't like her. She just loves killing animals. Anything that moves shoot it with her rifle. Squirrels, deer, bears, moose, caribou, racoons, wolfs etc. She takes her picture next to animals she's killed.

  7. Rank Choice Voting is confusing . We don't need it . It's just a new way for Democrats to cheat . Murkowski is using it as a last ditch effort to hold on to her cushy job .

  8. Mary Peltola is just another AOC . The Dan Fagan radio show has turned into 3 hours of bashing Sarah Palin every single day . He's obsessed with destroying Sarah for some reason . He needs to get over it .

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