Sergei Pavlovich knocks out Tai Tuivasa in first round #UFCOrlando | ESPN MMA


Sergei Pavlovich drops Tai Tuivasa early in round 1 and ends the fight as he continues to press against the…

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  1. Tuivasa is going the way of Mark Hunt. Just going to keep getting smoked until Dana cuts his contract up.

  2. This is what happens when you are a street scrapper with no technical prowess. You get dominated. You cant throw haymakers and hope for the best, I love Tai but he has to come to the realisation that if he doesnt make changes fast hes going to be wiped off the board quickly.

  3. Been saying it for aaaages tai is another one of them brawling HWs that has good KOs but eventually will get steamrolled by the fitter, and far better breed of HW. There is no place in the sport for guys like tai. Not trying to be rude as he is sometimes entertaining but for his own safety he should just retire

  4. Imagine if this came right before the Steven vs Kevin fight, it would have been back to back great fights.

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