Sheezan Khan’s Sister Falaq Naaz Alleges Media Trial, Says It’s “Upsetting To See” He Is Being Maligned


Sheezan Khan’s Sister Falaq Naaz Alleges Media Trial, Says It’s “Upsetting To See” He Is Being Maligned

Falak Naaz is known for her role in the serial ‘Sasural Simar Ka’. (file)

Television actor Falak Naz today questioned the alleged media trial of his actor-brother Shejan Khan, accused in the death of his co-star and ex-partner Tunisha Sharma. In an Instagram post, the ‘Sasural Simar Ka’ actor wonders if his brother is being insulted for his religion.

Ms Naz earlier said both families are still victims.

“It’s so sad to see these people relentlessly insult Sheezan like this. From making up stories to bringing religion into the topic and random people claiming to know us for their 15 minutes of fame,” he wrote on Instagram today.

He also asked whether those denigrating the accused actor were influenced by previous incidents.

“To all the people insulting Cézanne – ask yourself this – are you speaking based on circumstances, or are you speaking from hatred of religion? Or are you speaking from the influence of previous events? Wake up, people!” Ms. Naz said in an apparent reference to the Shraddha Walker murder case.

Ms Naz also questioned the media coverage of the inquiry and the “common sense of the public”.

“Journalistic standards of a certain section of media has sunk so low that it only works based on TRPs. And you are their consumer. It is your responsibility to share news with unreliable sources. Don’t be a fool,” his post read.

At the same time, he praised those who are “able to see through false narratives.”

Tinasha Sharma was allegedly found hanging on the sets of a TV serial last week, a fortnight after her relationship with Shizan Khan ended. His mother, Vonita Sharma, has made several allegations against Sheejan and raised suspicions of “murder” at a press conference on Friday.

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