Shia Kafir Hai Ya Nahi by Engeneer Muhammad Ali Mirza

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About Emam: Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza chose to discuss all the controversial issues among the Muslims and with the true references of the Quran and Sahih Hadith, he concluded the issues hidden by the Islamic scholars. Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza advises his audience not to quarrel with the strict followers of different sects, but simply to give Dawat of True Islam (which is in the Quran and Sahih Hadith). INSTAGRAM | TIKTOK |





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  1. Wo sab theek hai par yeh Hamare Khalifaon ko gaali dete hai hazrat omer r.a ko gaali dete hai inka Imaan baaqi kaha raha Ammi Aisha r.a ko gaali dete hai ab inka imaan baaqi kaha raha..! Sab chodo shia haq pe hai ya nhi..!

  2. Mirza Sahab time Qayamat tak hai jawaab den.
    1)Shia Maula Ali ko Nabiullah To nhi kahte lekin Nabiyo se Afzal zaroor kahte hain to kaafir huwe ya nhi??👇
    2) Chisti Rasoolallah Padhna bilkul kufar hai , Lekin isko Kaunsa Sunni padhta hai , Iski Sanad ki kya haisiyat hai, Lekin mai Tumhe Karodo Shia dikha sakta hoon jo Maula Ali Radiyallahu TA'ALA Anhu ko Nauzbillah Ambiya Alaihimussalam se Afzal kahte hain to ab batayen kaafir kaun huwa???
    3) Imam Bukhari Rahmatullah Alaih ne Rafziyo ko Yahoodo Nasaara se badtar kaha hai, Imam Bukhari Rahmatullah Alaih ko aap kya kahenge??

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