SHIA Ulama !! Tribute !! Engineer Mohammad Ali Mirza

SHIA Ulama!! Tribute!! Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza MAIN CHANNELS 👇 SHORT CLIPS |

*Let’s first LEARN and understand the QUR’AN!* Assalam-o-Alikim! welcome, as a MUSLIM, our first priority should be to understand what our CREATOR has said to all mankind, so if you want to learn Qur’an, visit the main page section of our channel named “Let’s Learn & Understand Quran First” you will find all major Qur’an tafasir available for free on YouTube. #Shia #Sunni #EngineerMuhammadAliMirza #Tribute #Muftitariqmasood #Drisrarahmed #Whatsappstatus #attractive #Jibreel #shorts #vlog #viral #video #Emam #Whatsapp #Youtubeshorts #Youtube #Shorts #Muslim #SupremeMuslim #Hidayahportal #Understandislam #MuhammadKamranAkhtarJung

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  1. Jisne MAWLA ALI Aliyehsalaam se jung ki unke baare mein khamosh nahi rahenge hum log aur mawla ALI ALIYEHSALAAM HASAN HUSSAIN ALIYEHSALAAM Ajma'een FATIMAH BATOOL e ZEHRA Aliyehsalaam ke naam ke aage Aliyehsalaam tamam Ahadees ki kitaab mein likha hua hai lekin in moulviyon ne firqa wariyat ki wajah se In muqaddas logo ke naam pe Aliyehsalaam laga tha inn logo ne Radi allah anhu kar diya urdu tarjume mein

  2. Mainay yeh video dekhi. Bohot khushi hoi magar sunni ( tunni ) ulama ki gandi language meray zehen me agaye jo inho ne ali bhai k liye use ki hai. I think everyone knows who those so called ulama are!

  3. کسی جہالت محدود ہوتی ہے، لیکن تم سب کی جہالت لامحدود ہے، اور انجینئر وقت کا سب سے بڑا فتنہ ہے، اللهم احفظنا منہ

  4. Engineer Mohammed Ali is doing great job. A common man can't deal with the issues that he is advocating with great honesty. May Allah bless him. Tariq Masood got popularity just because of opposing him otherwise he just make people laugh. How can Masood be on right path when he's only trying to prove his firka correct.

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