1. Awesome you meet Kojimasan. I’ve met him twice in my life

    1: NY city for the release of MGS 4
    2: London England for the release of Death Stranding

    He doesn’t have that pleasant vibe like he’s excited to have you as a fan. Guillermo del Toro, David Hayter & my favourite the TMNT creator Kevin Eastman which I met are amazing human beings

  2. For me I feel it's worth going at least once that is if you have a buddy or a group of friends to go with, to share the experience but by yourself would be too boring.

  3. You want a speech for more than 2 minutes? For me I don't need to hear that much, it's just ego stroking at that point. The Cris Judge speech was way too long

  4. Wow. You got to meet some absolute legends. That picture with Miyazaki is adorable. But I think I'm most envious of Kojima signing your…3DS?

    Just getting a chance to see these artists who've influenced our lives so much, makes attending sound completely worth it. I had never even considered attending before.

    I agree that the speeches should have been given significantly more time. So Chris Judge's speech was definitely the highlight for me watching the stream. Loooove him in Stargate SG-1. And I feel so terrible for Miyazaki and co. at the end…

  5. In retrospect I wish I spent the money to attend the show so I could have been there in person when the biggest upset in gaming happened when GotY was awarded to Bill Clinton

  6. I'm not one to like large places with a lot of people, but by far the best part to me was watching a 15 year old kid Agent 47 his way on to the main stage and say what he wanted before security got to him. Funniest thing I've seen in awhile.

  7. This is really not meant for the audience. It is obviously open to the public just to have a sea of people looking good on camera. Little performances, no merch or extra events. Those huge freaking wings are two middle fingers aimed at the audience lol

  8. "So The Game Awards have been getting bigger and bigger every year" riiiiiiight, we went from revealing Joker for Smash to ending with a hideous Fast and Furious game and now nothing, bigger indeed.

  9. "You aren't allowed to bring a camera unless you have a camera pass I didn't get one" shows multiple videos and photos he took illegally

  10. Unless awards shows offer something different than what is shown on our screens, I’d recon no.

    Awards shows overall to a general public aren’t worth it. Each year I’ve been watching less and less because it’s rarely a celebration of games that are nominated/ win.

    The Game Awards just ain’t it. It tries but it fails.

  11. In some years the Oscars take time for a mini film reel covering a role in film. Such as, this is what a film editor does and shows the audience glimpses of that career. I wish The Game Awards did the same thing… had at least a minute detailing what certain things are and relating that to the audience. For example, "Game accessibly" it had some images of what it was but it happened too darn fast I didn't fully understand how it truly relates in gaming. It would've so lovely if they had a dev on one game featured talk for 60 seconds about how they were able to achieve game accessibly.

    I never attended myself but I also thought like you… if you attended in person you'd be rewarded with longer speeches. Truly unfortunate they're over doing it with new game reveals and not honoring the winners.

  12. The score caregory was a complete scam and every single jury member that, on top of all their popularity and western bias, contributed to the award going to God of War over Xenoblade 3 should be deeply ashamed. People like them are the reason why video game media became a joke.

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