1. When I wasn't aware Gary Neville who is criticizing CR7 now and saying to say him, he himself asked Ronaldo on August 2022 to stand up
    Wow what a Hypocrite,
    Who just wants to earn his living by talking about Ronaldo

  2. I’m not even the biggest Ronaldo fan , but I respect him for what he did, he basically said I’m not gonna stand for mediocrity, he said the truth rather than just sit there and collect a check

  3. Gary Neville will make a brilliant labour politician he went against World Cup then cashed in then ronaldo came out and did what he’s been saying for years and actually stood to lose something and he goes against him

  4. Piers Morgan why don't you start your own club and let Ronaldo do whatever he wants because he is the greatest…That's a simple solution for you.

  5. I respect ronaldo but if the manager does not want you to start or be involved regardless of what you have achieved or who you are then you should respect that as a PROFFESIONAL, in my opinion i am glad he is gone we play much better without him and piers you saying we dont is you complete ass licking i would love him to stay and play a part in manchester united but i wouldn't want him to start he isn't a top 10 forward in the world anymore i could name atleast 15 players who ard ahead of him.

  6. I always had respect for Ronaldo but he loves himself far too much and loves himself more than anything on this earth and disrespecting ETH was bang out of order and made himself look stupid there but everything he said about the failures of United was bang on the money.

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