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While fad diets are very popular for their quick results, their health effects can be harmful. Join us LIVE on September 4th at 6pm on our YouTube channel to learn how to recognize a popular diet, its side effects and the essential elements of a balanced diet. #NationalNutritionWeek #FadDiets #WeightLoss #IntermittentFasting #KetoDiet #PaleoDiet

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  1. So I have gained a lot more fat / weight under my skin following fasting and I don't know why .
    I originally did water only fasting for 3 days. Then a month later I did the 7 day water only fasting (this was very difficult, especially last 3 days.)

    After this I decided to follow the 16:8 routine. But I when I started eating i felt overweight and lethargic .
    So I decided to do a 3 day fasting again to get rid of any excess weight .

    Now that Iam back to eating normally, I try to stick to the 16:8 routine or omad.
    However, everytime I eat now, I find blood rushing to the surface of my skin throughout the whole body, and I start sweating even on a cold day ! This happens everytime I eat, unless I eat a very small tiny meal, then I don't sweat.
    Also I find immediately after I have a meal if I then rest or sleep then I don't sweat, I feel rejuvenated and stronger. But it's not a good idea to sleep immediately after the main meal, right ?

    The other problem I have found is that my muscle mass has decreased significantly , and all I see and feel now is soft flabby fat instead of muscles. I..e my muscles seem to have turned into fat !

    My skin has become more fattier and flabby. When I look in the mirror my skin looks fattier and looser than before, doesn't look nice.

    I have also gained a lot of fat around my waste. Even though this had decreased a bit following the 7 day fast.

    I don't know why this has happened, when the whole point of fasting and controlling diet is to lose weight and become more healthier.

    But it seems to be worse than before.

    I feel more weaker, i.e less strength. Probably due to lack of good sleep.
    And the fat under my skin has increased.

    Does anyone have an explanation for this ?

    I have also started drinking ACV with lemon juice first thing in the morning, but after a week of this it seems to have destroyed my muscle mass and turned them into soft fat ?

    Also one other astonishing thing I have noticed is that I don't go to the toilet to poo that often. In fact not even once a week. ! The last time was 12 days ago. This is shocking since Iam still eating and normally I need to go poo at least once every 2/3 days.

    Sleep has not been that deep either. Uncomfortable sleep.

    Tiredness and fatigue has also increased.

    I don't know what's going on. Any thoughts / opinions / explanations will be appreciated.

    Maybe Iam eating the wrong things.
    But iam eating a lot of protein as well as drinking a lot of water. Hardly take any sugar.

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