Smartphone Market Share In India 2010-2020 | Top 10 Mobile Phone Brands In India


INDIA Smartphone Mobile Market Share In India 2010-2020 | Top 15 Mobile Phone Brands In India By Market Share Sourcece-…

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  1. can someone help about this the experiences of foreign mobile phone companies with the political authorities in

    India in the decade up to 2018,

  2. Many people supporting Indian companies. Fact is there is no true Indian smart phone companies. Micromax/Lava buy older gen Chinese phones and rebrand, Xiaomi & Vivo & Huawei, Real Me, one Plus all import from China and sell.
    The only partially real Indian company if you are looking for is APPLE IPHONE : They manufacture some models such as Iphone XR in India 🙂 & Samsung which has over 50% manufactured in Vietnam and 8% in Korea ~ about 10% is manufactured in India

  3. Just as indian car companies like maruti, tata and mahindra rules the Indian market, indian mobile companies should also rule the market. Please buy Indian brands like micromax and lava.

  4. Wtf is this mobicel….?? M i so dumb that after switchn around 15 phones i still have no idea what is this mobicel?? Hmare yhaan aica koi brand hai kya??🤪🤪

  5. Micromax is gonna make us proud again. Start from your family. your family members next smartphone should be of Micromax, Lava and other indian companies. Now we have indian smartphones. If you still buy chinese smartphones then shame on you.

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