Spectrum Mobile Review – Any Good In 2022? (The HONEST Truth!)


In this video I give you my take on a Spectrum Mobile Review and answer the question: Is it really a…

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  1. 12/12/2022. I have had Charter, now Spectrum for years and stream a lot–I do live in western NC and have had little issues with internet and have good speeds. I do use their Spectrum app a lot rather than cable and do feel their developers need to work on the app but. 90% of the time it functions ok. I have no. Issue with streaming Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon Prime. We are moving so was offered the 29.99 and 1 free line for a year–and am doing my research on whether it is worth it–I have been a Verizon customer for years and use an Iphone 11 Pro Max with true 'grandfathered' unlimited–mostly used when traveling. Still not sure.

  2. I just recently switched from cricket to spectrum,. But now I am in a bad situation. Long story short they said that my current phones are too out of date to be compatible with a free SIM card so they could give me one free line and an extra line on top of that for $29.99 and 2 phones for $44. So two days later on this phone show up when I opened the package I was in disbelief. They sent me the Galaxy a13 5G which I do not like in my recent phones are way better, so long story so short spectrum is now telling me that I have to pay $115 each phone to send it back just to have to pay for another new phone that I have not opened have not activated and I have already paid an initial $89 to get the phone in the first place. And if I kept them I can't get an upgrade for 11 months. So I told them that I didn't want special mobile and I would just keep the internet. They told me either way, to return the phones I have to pay $115 each phone. And now I'm stuck in a bad situation do I keep the phones and just deal with it for 11 months or get stuck paying $230 for something that's still in the box and not activated and still have to pay to get a better phone. And in the meantime still paying my cricket bill cuz I can't figure out what to do I need suggestions???

  3. My question is why should I switch from prepay att to a internet service that gives me 13 headaches a month because I have wifi from them? No joke. Spectrum threaten me that If I call again about my internet being out, they would charge me 50 plus dollars everytime I call someone to fix the service I pay for. My husband needs a new phone provider and I am about to give that minimum wage worker, who is about to take advantage of my Grandma and family, something to cry about. I would rather die then let some company fill my family with false lies. I refuse to be nickel and dimed on a contract when I don't care. I don't care if I have the newest phone. If I can call or text, I am good. I have wifi at home when spectrum decides to work. I was without internet for almost 2 weeks and not a dime off my bill. They don't care. The only reason I have them is because it's them or nothing.

  4. Spectrum sucks I’ve spent more time on phone trying to get them to provide the service they claim to offer than I spend on phone doing anything else and they just don’t care all they want is your money … once they have your money they just don’t care

  5. I just came across your video 9 months after you posted it. I have Spectrum internet. I tried the BYOD but my old phone isn't listed. I have the OnePlus 7 Pro.
    Spectrum only allows Apple, Google, LG, Motorola, and Samsung. So another Gotcha with the phones Spectrum allows on their BYOD option.

    I wound up getting the iPhone 14 Pro Max through them. I started with the 20Gb Unlimited plan, but burned through that pretty quickly with streaming music at work, and had to switch to 30Gb. I now download music at home while connected to WiFi to listen to while at work to save data.

  6. I spent six hours on and off the phone with Spectrum yesterday to try and figure out why I was getting a switch line message on my iPhone. I got a message about my line being a business line so I called them and got a woman who sounded like she was trying very hard to stay awake. I just signed up for Spectrum cell service after the first rep told me I'd get free cell phone service for a year.  Based on not having to pay any cell service, I ordered an iPhone 14 Pro Max with extra memory directly from Apple rather than Spectrum.  

    While on the phone with the business line message problem rep, I then looked at my account and saw that I was going to be charged the following month! So I went to the office with my second problem of being charged on autopay after being told I would get free cell service. The people at the Spectrum physical office said to call Spectrum Mobile and ask them to pull the call from the rep who said I'd get free service for a year. I went home and called for a human after going through their tedious phone system, which constantly interrupted the music with referrals to website for help, making me think a person was coming to the phone while I was doing my daily chores. I got a rep who listened to my whole problem, went to talk to her supervisor constantly reassuring me they were helping me and thanks for my patience. When she finally got back to me with an answer she told me to go to billing with my problem and she could transfer me there! I asked to speak to her supervisor about my other message problem. When I got to the supervisor, she was asking about my SIM card installation, not telling me anything about the two line situation on my phone. I transferred my SIM card from my 7 to the 12 several months ago. Then the 12 has a eSim as well I think, so I was confused and hung up because I had to have lunch. After lunch, I called back to billing, told them my problem, got put on hold. Waited for a supervisor twice and both times got interrupted by a rep who didn't know anything about what I previously described to the billing rep and wanted to start from square one. Somehow I got a free month of service for my troubles on my account after checking the website while on the phone with final rep. One helpful rep told me my phone can handle two lines on the iPhone 12.  

    Thanks for this video, this clears the situation more and it appears I'd better get a second line going before the 30 days of my service goes up or my bill will go up to $45? I don't think I was put with any supervisor in charge who could make decisions about my account yesterday either online, phone or at the field office. I'm looking into to other options for cell service in the small city 98926, where I live. I'm wondering where to go next. I don't use a lot of data I don't think.

  7. Honestly 20gb and 30gb is not bad compared to Tmobile only give you 2gb and they charged like $10 more I think. So tempted to switch.

  8. Awesome review & I will not be switching from Metro PCS .. think I will join my best friends TMobile plan & continue to bounce off my Spectrum home wifi .. just thought this might be decent since my bank ( Arrowhead Credit Union ) has an offer for Spectrum Mobile.

  9. There's one more thing you missed. Right now, there's an offer going on. Free connection for 12 months. You don't have to pay anything for 12 months, then you can do anything.

  10. Spectrum has the worst customer service I've ever had. Brand new phone over 6 days to activate and it's still pending. while my phone number sots in limbo and I had zero service through this period.

  11. I just got their internet service 300 MBPS plan. I asked about the cell service and no matter how I phrased it they continued to say it was unlimited and does not slow down. How can they say it doesn’t slow down?

  12. Well done video. Helped me to decide to go to spectrum. Verizon went up on my 5 gig/mo plan again. 72.00 per month with phone already paid off.

  13. I recently enrolled in Spectrum because they just started a promotion for existing customers that sounds too good to be true(kinda is)…. You pay the first month ahead of time and get the next 11 months free. It works for the 20 or 30gh plan. I was super skeptical once I heard about the throttling beyond 20/30Gb since I use so much data but my finances recently became a lot tighter and if I can pay for a month of fall back and if it just isn’t enough data buy a month of straight talk like I currently have… but if finances don’t permit I know for a year I essentially have free service…it was kinda hard to turn down.
    However I usually use around 60-80gb of data a month but didn’t ever turn on Wi-Fi when I was home so I know I can cut it down… but since I know that I use more than that I made sure once the year is up I can cancel without any extra charges. $45 or $55 once for a year of 20-30gh of data a month is pretty good

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