Stephen Thompson Octagon Interview | UFC Orlando


Welterweight Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson closed out UFC Orlando on Saturday with a fourth-round knockout victory…

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  1. If anyone deserves the pay day against conor, it's Stephen.
    If Dana cares about his fighters at all he'd either let them fight or Stephen vs Wonderboy run it back

  2. Imagine meeting wonder boy at a store and he’s so friendly and so kind but yet you don’t even imagine he can beat the shit out of you 😳

  3. I was always curious as how good he was because I was not a fan. But Ive heard him commenting on fights he is a really nice guy. And this is the first time I appreciate his game and I think this is actually the first time I watched his fight full

  4. They put a rookie in the cage with a TOP veteran simply because he talk shit. Now it's time for Holland to take easier fights to Tune up his skills. He is trying to rise too quickly. Fuck the promoter and fuck him for the Big Mouth comment!! That's a bitch ass move!!

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