1. Love u coach just think we have three man maybey four run the ball downs win u have a shotgun don't have a snipper damn ball damn got my 360 borderlands 2 if things get really bad I'm old school love playing back yard foot I can not stand looising anythiyt

  2. Honestly it’s not the interceptions that bother me about PJ it’s the fact he got less passing yards than a first down. Baker got more yards on his first completion. Like I don’t know how you can start him when the only reason he started was because baker got injured. I understand baker doesn’t have chem with DJ Moore but start PJ over him start Sam then.

  3. I really don't understand why everyone is focused on the QB decision, while the entire defense is terrible, especialy Linebackers.
    As long as we allow our opponents to score this many points against us, it doesn't matter who throws the ball.
    Also, you can't just bench your QB because he had a bad game. Everyone had a bad game and you must put some trust in your players.
    Starting PJ is a good decision, not because he "is better" or "is worse" than Baker, but because you trust him.
    QB is not the problem. Defense needs fixing, especialy Linebackers, asap!

  4. Hey Cam Newton is still available. The last I heard he was still working out and is still in great shape.

  5. Lol is this a race thing? I'm a black guy. See a black coach bench a proven white qb for a 4th string qb. This guy should be fired. He couldn't even coach defense

  6. Baker said it at his press conference after the game. He wants to be proud of what he puts on tape. Thats because he knows other teams will look at the tape and hopefully get him the hell out of Carolina. He was set up to fail and this Wilkes coach doesn't know what he is doing. PJ should not be starting. Baker should be. But whatever. They are going to lose anyway

  7. You can’t have negative qbr but Pj would have. Put him out there is just plain destroying this man career. If he played entire game he would have had 7 picks I mean. Darnold sees ghost but pj can’t see the difference between bengals and panthers lol.

  8. If you don’t want to give browns the pick just play darnold. What is this Steve. He had the worst performance of qb all time

  9. Its a wonder why this guy got fired in Arizona. Pj Waker ? Really ? Have fun on the golf course coach….. This organization is truly abysmal…..

  10. Dear Carolina Panthers… I don’t normally do this before we play an opponent… but let this be my personal apology for what we do to you guys this Thursday… it’s gonna get ugly

  11. I see all this hate for Baker, dang ya think he was Trump or JC, let’s go back to the browns game, Panthers was winning that game, what happened? Refs! Ruffing the passer, it wasn’t, then there was the spiking the ball, it wasn’t, that was Intentional grounding, but hey everybody blames Baker, if I was him I would set on the bench flip Charlotte off and collect my money, think I’m wrong, look at the Browns, Watson is not going to help them either. Watch

  12. Considering he had 9 yds & 2 INT's in an entire half!!! and is named the starter.. .pretty clear WHY he was named starter….not surprised by this particular coaches decision

  13. If CJ Stroud was my son, I would tell him to go back for his senior year at Ohio State going to play for this dysfunctional franchise would ruin your health and your career better off to stay in college another year and go with someone else

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