A former thief frantically searches for his missing daughter, who has been kidnapped and locked in the trunk of a taxi. Starring …

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  1. You cant do that where I am at now…. I made the shit list… I screwed up the labor budget… but luckily I left some very powerful notes at my last employer's office…

  2. Ok 10 million in $100 bills is 220 lbs according to the Google I just did so you're telling me Nicolas Cage can lift that up with one arm? Strike 1

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  4. He seemed to be betting his daughter's life on the hope the gold would still be in the same bank 8 years after he robbed the bank the first time. I'm not a banker. Does gold just sit in a bank vault for years? He was also relying on the bank not changing/upgrading it's security system within the 8 years since he robbed it. I'm not a bank robber, but 8 year old knowledge seems sketchy for bank robbing.

  5. TherPrincess ever since I found out I was Elvis Presley’s 1st born daughter I haven’t been the same, but no matter cause my father never showed any care for any of my brothers and sisters, later I found out why it’s because he helped to hide this man. You have to look it up yourself and what you see will be true. Mann called Preacher Baker of Berea First Baptist Church to ask me for a date. Then when that did not work Jack Gardo who served with JFK he lived right down the road from Preacher Bakers church in Berea Jack Gardo lived on a hill just above the Saluda Damn River. I only knew of one woman who drowned in that river and if it rained it was a fast moving river. How do I know this I road the school bus for Berea Elementary and for Berea High school at that river. See I lived on Groce Road that joined with the road that was at that river. The intent was to have me murdered by a man of well to do means but I did not have affections for either men cause I was in love with Winton Clyde Crawford. He and I dated for 7 years before we married. See you tell a lie and many times you have to cover with another lie. I am Janet Robinson Brown and I pray the truth will be known. See Elvis put my mother in a Sanitarium in NY when he went to NY in 1955 the year I was born11-15-1955, count back 9 months you will be exact for when Elvis went to NY. He was trying to mess my mother up so she would not tell what Elvis and the

  6. The ending is awesome had me for a second I was like no nigga don't throw it….but then when he threw what I thought was the gold the camera went to the table and whala!!!!!!! I was like yaaaaaaayyyyyyyy!!! Good job Nicolas you better not had thrown that in the lake I'm going in after it.

  7. Warning! SPOILER ALERT! I was on board with this movie (mostly due to the all-star cast)-right up to the point where the FBI agents realized Will was telling the truth, but they decided to go after HIM, INSTEAD of the greedy, psychopathic asshole WHO HAD HIS DAUGHTER & WAS GOING TO KILL HER, if Will didn't find a way to give him $10 Mil!! (Which was the TOTAL score-NOT just HIS SHARE!).. THAT really ruined the story for me & pissed me off!

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