Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Official Batman Reveal Trailer | The Game Awards 2022


Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, from Rocksteady, got an all new trailer at the Game Awards 2022, which shows off the…

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  1. i think the reason kevins voice is the best is cause it works for bruce and batman and most potrays just sounds like it only works for one costume.

  2. I hope Batman’s just invincible during his boss fight and then he would break out of Brainiacs trance by himself because he is the Arkham Batman

  3. Did they not say it is a continuation of the Arkham series so batman did fake his death. At least we get to see the voice actor of Kevin Conroy one last time ‎


    While it's awesome that they give tribute to Kevin, this game is set in the same universe are the Arkham series, and after Arkham Knight. By revealing Batman isn't dead…kinda ruins the Knightfall protocol. At least in my opinion

  5. now the title suicide squad definitely fits, literally a suicide misssion batman and superman controlled by braniac. pretty hyped to see how this plays out.

  6. I can’t overstate how happy and satisfied it makes me feel knowing that his last time playing Batman was once again in the arkhamverse feels like it was meant to be. Batman won’t be the same without Kevin R.I.P.

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