Surface Pressure Japanese Lyrics Translation (Sub/Rom/Eng) #encanto #lyricvideo #surfacepressure


Song: Mashite ku Puressha Increasing Pressure by Yumecchi Yumecchi (Surface Pressure Japanese…

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  1. No offense intended, but these lyrics are way too mellow for what Luisa was actually trying to convey. It's a really sad and abusive situation for her, yet here it makes it sound just like normal, which is totally NOT 😞

  2. Omg, yes finally! Just based on a lot of the words I picked up on, I KNEW the japanese version had extremely different verses/phrasing. Looks like I was right!

    If you’re willing, can I use your translation for an animatic/animation? This version of the song would fit for a character I have almost seamlessly, and I would like to use these as subtitles for it. I will credit, of course.

  3. Oh interesting, it seems to totally lack the underlying accusatory tone right? She doesn't quote her family's attitude towards her ("Give it to your sister", "Watch as she buckles and bends"), she says that she can do it and not to worry about her from her own perspective. I wonder if they just took some liberty with the translation to make the dub sound good, or if they adapted it to a more Japanese mentality

  4. I don't speak a word of Japanese, but I love seeing how the concepts and messages of the song translate to Japanese sensibilities. Thank you so much for making this.

  5. Thank you so much. This is my favourite song from Encanto. I'm learning Japanese (still a beginner) and this will be the first song that I will try to learn in Japanese. ありがとうございます

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