Surface Pressure Lyrics (From “Disney's Encanto”) Jessica Darrow

Encanto #SurfacePressure #Lyrics *Watch out for the spoilers* Spotify: Lyrics: I’m the strong one, I’m not…

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  1. When you searched Is Cerberus in Google and Think you're Thinking that he is R E A L And now you die of lack of oxygen Because of not Breathing

  2. 0:491:37 Is my favorite part in this song. This is my 3rd favorite song in the movie. My favorite is "We don't talk about Bruno" and "What else can I do" We don't talk about Bruno is the best 🀩

  3. I think this song is a representation of expectations to 'gifted kids' (i think this movie is about gifted kids in school and non gifted kids about how they are treated). As a 'gifted' kid in school there are more then a few expectations and this could also be a representation of anxiety or other mental illnesses. The lyrics that speak to me most is when Luisa says this in the song: "Give it to your sister, your sister's stronger!" "Give it to your sister, it doesn't hurt and see if she handle every family burden!" "Give it to your sister and never stop to wonder if it would pull you under!" Because it really shows how she feels and representations of real life problems?

    (thank you for sitting and reading this lmao. take a cookie πŸͺ)

  4. Jesus Loves You and Jesus is coming soon 🌺
    Even if you feel unloved, remember that there will always be a Heavenly Father that will always love u 😁

  5. Tbh this song broke my heart to see this is what she has to go through cuz all of us older siblings can relate to this so much I didn’t even expect to cry when I heard this song rlly hurts so much u even heard the pain in her voice

  6. Can I watch the movie too I love this song I just want to watch it every time we get into the car and every every time that we listen to it we do it I just want to do it over and over again

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