1. As a Korean american, i feel more connected to the usa than my birth/origim country of south korea. i completely understand why embolo would prefer play for switzerland, tge country that raised him, but not enjoy scoring against cameroon, his birth country.

  2. 2022: Embolo, born in Cameroon scores for Switzerland.
    2042: The Japanese squad has no Japanese. Half are Sikh, three are Chinese, one from
    Cameroon, and one from Argentina. The rest are all "Europeans."😂🤣😂🤣

  3. Embolo should be playing for Cameroun. African national teams will never win a World Cup if they keep losing their best talents to European national teams.

  4. Karen has quickly become one of my favorites out of the whole cast. I always fall for the sane, 'straight-man' in an insane world, and Karen is definitely that. Unlike so much of the rest of the world she's got a clear head and is trying her best to survive in a world gone mad and care for her children, and not only that but she's adapted to the chaos and is more than capable of surviving it. Seeing her home life only makes me love her even more <3.

  5. Can we take a second to appreciate that RL was able to get Charlie to overcome his fear of flying, across the ocean no less, for the first time in 5 years

  6. I am a Jamaican but I always like Cameroon from Roger Miller back in the days I like watching Cameroon I think and it's a good team they they have a lot of good teams but if they just be a consistent team you know they have a lot of players like Samuel Eto a lot of players I think Cameron need to make it one time somewhere in this world cup even even in semi-final are quarter-final something they've been coming to the World Cup for a long time now I think they need to you know get it right one time

  7. I just opened the next game Cameroon will play a little bit better and get their game right I know that they're going to get it right they're going to play a little bit better the next game I just hope the best for them because they play real good

  8. I think they need to start abubakar with the guy from I think that should have keep the guy that was playing forward on the field they should have not taken him off he was playing real good making chances like he would score

  9. its not just embolo…swiss players xhaka and shaquiri are albainian…

    the USA is one of the top passport huntin teams out there…the goal scorer from last game?..his father is literally the president of Liberia right now!…his mother is born in Jamaica…reyna is argentinian, born in england, and grew up in europe…sergino dest is dutch and grew up in the netherlands…pefok who carried them thru qualifiers is cameroonian, played youth football for France, and don't speak a lick of english…they say that is why they didn't bring him because they were worried he would embarass the "brand"..the last gen USA team had five germans who only decided to play for USA because they weren't gettin steady call ups for germany..and germany's stars ozil and gundogan are fully turkish

    Imagine if raheem sterling, kyle walker, mason greenwood, antonio, nat phillips, and sturridge were playin for Jamaica…that team would run through CONCACAF…what do you think is behind canada's ascendence?…75% of that team is african and west indian…international football is almost pointless at this point

    might as well just call it "Game of Passports"…the trophy should be a lil suitcase with stickers and stamps all over it

  10. Love how the toys are designed, they look like believable toys for children when they hide their scary factors which, when you really think about it, there aren't that many. Huggy has those fangs, mommy long legs with her immense size and her transformation at the end of chapter 2, and now there's boxy boo. If you take out the claws and teeth from him, he's just a jack in the box that have added arms and legs with a boxy face looking like pacman. The designs are simple but really effective in both things, looking like a toy that kids could play with while also having a true form that's not far away from the original look but could still haunt you in your nightmares. Just props to the ones who designed these creative abominations.

  11. That’s what happens when you cheat your way to the World Cup
    And buy referees to help you win games now your going home soon cheating Cameroon

  12. Swiss team didn't deserve this win very average team. I will be surprised if they go to knockout stage on the other hand, Cameroon played well. However, offensive end was so selfish and couldn't finish very clear chances

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