1. Tite is loading 5 very top attackers in the first XI and 5 more in reserve. As a result, the opponents have to think do they want to high press?
    Unlike previous Brazil team, all members defend and they all fight to win the ball back.. and they did many times. Brazil wingers became full back and they won the ball from the opponenets wingers with 1 vs 1 situation. Tite probbaly have trained all the forwards to defend and steal the ball. I d' say Rich / Raf / Vic J had more success in stealing balls than the defenders.

  2. can someone explain to me why kostic and vlahovic didnt start? it made no sense to me but i dont follow serbia is that normal?

  3. Man, I think you underscore Tite there. His use of a 4-4-2 in defense and a 2-3-3-1 in attack was very good, and with enough variation, to make Serbia ineffective in attack. As you pointed out, the only way Serbia was able to find that pass out wide was if Mitrovic dropped deep, and he was the main target up top, and the biggest threat in crosses. Tite completely dominated Stojkovic in tactics. For me is a 8 for Tite and 7 for him.

  4. 22 shots 8 on target only because of serbia luck they dnt concede too much brazil could have score 4 or 5 may be simply superior …i cound have accept it a single shot on target from serbia your rating for managers 😂😂😂😂😂 its shows only brazil superiority in the game WTF

  5. is so broing when u are brazil and your opponent come to do not lose while brazil come to put your whole team under your goal and put pressure entire game

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