1. Thanos 1st verse: Him in Infinity War
    Oppenheimer 1st verse: Allies in World War One
    Thanos 2nd verse: Him in Endgame
    Oppenheimer 2nd verse: Allies in World War Two

  2. Imo Oppenheimer won not only through skill and style, Thanos' presentation is really distracting.
    This big headed stiff cgi puppet is too expressionless to have any kind of impact. It he were simply a dude in purple makeup, it would ve less distracting.

  3. “You should’ve gone for the head” had me dying, did anyone else get that? 🤣🤣

    If not, he was talking about the head of the 🍆, so he wouldn’t get the girl pregnant

  4. "Im going to split U like 2 and 3 from 5" Is such a killer line, not only the obvious interpretation of splitting thanos in two, but the fact that nuclear fission bombs work by splitting a very specific isotope of Uranium called U235 into lighter isotopes, and the resulting energy release causing a chain reaction of more atoms splitting and detonating the bomb.

    Also that finisher of "Everyone who thinks that 'thanos did nothing wrong' crap has obviously never heard you rap" literally ended Thanos. Amazing video, Oppenheimer not only stole the show and murdered Thanos, but it wasnt even close.

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