The Brazil 2022 FIFA World Cup ROSTER Breakdown

Brazil has announced the World Cup squad, today we will break down their 26-man squad and talk about who could win the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Will the Seleção bring the Hexa? Brazil World Cup preview:

Argentina World Cup preview:

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  1. I love your analogy about Neymar and ronaldiño. I guess I never saw it like that, but very true. There are too many distractions in the field from the Brazilian size. Defenses are not going to have a clue of how to manage them. If you look at the game against Tunisia, Vinicius junior and raphinha the tunes defense was absolutely stunned. This is going to give Neymar and paqueta a lot of space for play making.

  2. NEYMAR D BEST ! Ronaldinho does not play well for brazil. Apart from 2002.NEYMAR is the best player in the world right now. Ten years ago. With no apology. Allison,militao, marquanez,sylva,sandro, junior,neymar,richarlson, raphininia,paqueta or bruno,casamiro.

  3. As a arsenal slash usa fan i watch a lot of euro soccer but i also have cable access to south american soccer or football either way is cool with me your video reminded me that months ago i was watching a game from the brazilian league or maybe the coppa lib de tournment and i thought that this guy pedro stood out

  4. Minha escalação e simples

    Militão-Silva-Marquinhos-Telles (variando linha de 3 pra saída de bola e linha de 4)

    Só vibes, quem precisa de defesa 😅

  5. In a just world the winner of Brazil vs. Argentina semifinal will win it. In the actual shitty world Germany will play Spain in the final.

  6. Mitrovic 2×1 Brazil, to end this South American farmers' party. They may not even pass the stage, I believe that both my Serbia and Switzerland will beat Ronaldo's widows phenomenon..🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸

  7. I like your starting line up— I’m happy there’s 3 Man united players that made the roster—I’ll put Antony on the righ

  8. This South American generation plays with joy and flair and charisma, and in all honesty, the ones playing in Europe are now bringing that flair to Europe and changing things in Europe, slowly but surely.

    I don't want a European team to win the World Cup. I do think it's between either Brazil or Argentina to win it. I would love it if Brazil got to rematch Germany and trounce them instead. My ultimate hope, regardless of who goes to the final, would be that none of the top 4 in the semifinals are from UEFA. That would just make me so happy. The only team from UEFA I would be ecstatic to see go far (as much as I doubt that they will), would be Wales, just because of the underdog story and how much they play with their hearts on their sleeves, and how boisterous their national pride is.

  9. I was watching the roaster announcement via TNT sports, and they said that maybe the fact that Bremer already have tons of experience playing alongside Alexsandro and Danilo may have helped

  10. Tite will regret not taking the goal threat and defensive quality of Gabriel. It is sad because legacy players take spots for viral players. This COULD have been brazil's world cup to lose. Now they face a harder fight. 🇧🇷

  11. I see no point in taking Ribeiro. Firmino should have got in ahead of him.

    I would have taken Cunha over Pedro however I think Tite wanted to pick at least some Brazil Based players.

    Meanwhile, good to See Dani Alves in the squad and I would have him ahead of Danilo even at this age.

    CB for me would be Marquinhos and Militao as they both have more pace than Silva and so we can play a higher line. However, due to FB weakness if I am open to Militao at RB and then Marquinhos and Silva in the centre.

    Let us hope Tite does not do anything drastically different come the World Cup. In 2018 I was shocked when he named his starting 11 in March and come June he dropped Marquinhos and Renato Augusto both of whom were so key in the build up. Marquinhos should have played last time and then it should have probably been Silva over Miranda. Although Augusto was not great he was a crucial part of the system and this time there is a chance that Tite may push Paqueta into midfield when he should play further up which again is different to the system of the last few years.

    Our biggest weakness last few World Cup’s has been defending from Set Pieces. Henry’s goal in 2006, both Dutch goals in 2010, the opening Germany Goal in 2014 and the opening Belgium goal in 2018. I hope we have improved there.

    Would be good to follow you during the tournament.

  12. Mr tite values show boating and stardom and reputation more than hard work, effort and result
    Gabriels who were literally unstoppable are missing

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