The Case For Atlanta Falcons Starting Desmond Ridder Over Marcus Mariota: Week 10 All-22 Review

Aaron analyzes Atlanta Falcons quarterback Marcus Mariota’s play from the All-22 movie of the team’s Week 10 loss to the Carolina Panthers on Thursday Night Football. He breaks down the enhanced anticipation that Mariota showed at points in the game as a sign of progress, but why it’s mixed with missed opportunities and bad decision making, making it a perfect representation of the ‘Mariota rollercoaster’. He then explains why he thinks Desmond Ridder should be the starter to move forward and discusses how Ridder showed the ability to play already during the pre-season with the anticipation that Mariota is only beginning to show today. Finally, he views the criticism for the Falcons defense and defensive coordinator Dean Pees as inconsistent with expectations for that unit this season. Part of the @Locked On Sports Atlanta Find and follow Locked On Falcons on your favorite podcast platforms: Apple, Audacy, Google, Spotify and more!

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  1. I think Smith knows, based on what they're seeing at practice with Ridder…that, if he comes in and looks exceptionally better, fans will obviously want him to start over mariota. I don't think he wants to embarrass Mariota like that. He promised him a chance to resurrect his career and I think Smith is trying to give MM every opportunity to be a starter even if its somewhere else.

    If Ridder was terrible, we would definitely already know.

  2. Ridder not ready.. Coach just needs to add a few new plays for Mariota.. Maybe 2 trick plays.. And blitz more with defense and a speedy blitzer off the bench… Just go all out with Mariota..Lets go!! Falcons have done better than we true fans expected.

  3. There is no reason to see what DR can do. He's not the starter and won't be the starter next year either. Falcons will either go with MM next year, or draft a QB, or trade for a QB. DR is not the "one".

  4. Reality Deniers
    There is plenty of info on DR. He was drafted to be backup QB. Not starter.
    Fans are emotional idiots.
    Calls for DR are overly simplistic silly stupidity.
    Only 2 ways you see DR this season.
    1) MM Unavailable to play
    2) Eliminated from playoffs AND Falcons not going to keep MM next year. (release, trade, etc.)

  5. I think ridder should play at least 4 of the last games just to seem under real live pressure,he seems more involved with the offense and very motivated

  6. AJ Terrell only really struggled against HOF level wideouts. We're talking Cooper Kupp, Michael Thomas, and DK Metcalf… Amari Cooper, Deebo/Aiyuk, he did very well against. His only big flop game vs someone undeserving is Mike Evans. Given the cap i thank god for Dean Pees. I don't see anyone whose complaining about Pees.

  7. Arthur Smith is actually a genius. He knows if he makes the switch to Ridder and the offense struggles, all the blame will be on him. Right now everyone's too busy blaming Mariota and he's perfectly fine with that. Arthur you're a coward.

  8. I guess they should bench Josh Allen a d Aaron Rogers too, they keep throwing picks and fumbling losing the games or letting teams back in, or is Marcus the only one who gotta be perfect?

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