1. I played the Bayonetta Origins stage in Bayonetta 3 and assumed "Maybe Platinum's planning a DLC?". I never imagined it would come out as a full-fledged game. I'm looking forward to how the battle mechanics are going to be in Origins.

  2. It was really cool to see Nintendo win 4 awards and an honorary 5th that I would say is technically Ubisoft’s since Davide Soliani’s team did the dev work.

  3. The big thing about fire emblem stats are the break points. Speed is the most obvious one, as 1 point can double your damage output or half your damage taken, but because fire emblem numbers are relatively small and don't fluctuate outside of crits/skill procs, your predictions based on 1 str or Def are a lot more reliable and therefore will affect strategy.

    This is also why RNG level ups can drastically affect strategy. It is less prominent in newer games, because skills and stuff like class minimums, but if you do low turn count runs it still matters.

  4. Well there weren't a lot of announcements that got me hyped, seeing the expansion pass for fire emblem Engage and Tekken 8 definitely left me happy: Jin about to get that redemption arc😎

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