The INSANE RISE of USC Football (The Trojans Are Back)

USC football used to be a powerful program, but in the 2010s they fell on hard times. After hiring Lincoln Riley, the…

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  1. Super weak non-conference opponents and they did not have to play Oregon or Washington. Only tough opponents were UCLA and Utah and they went 1-1. Not saying they aren't good. Just hard to tell. Notre Dame is decent. They have played better the second half of the season. USC needs to schedule an Ohio State, Michigan, Texas, or Oklahoma. Oregon and Utah at least had the guts to take on the SEC. They paid for it but respect to them.

  2. I give USC maybe another season before we are playoff ready. We need to lock down SoCal recruiting again and make sure the rest of the PAC get the left overs like it was with John Robinson and Pete Carroll.

  3. I’m a big fan but I’m just glad with the way things are going. I give it another recruiting class and transfers to come through until they’re a playoff caliber team

  4. I think the offense is doing what it's supposed to do..We do need help on defense..I do know our interceptions is top in college..but some teams can just March down the field on us …NOT GOOD .Our corner backs don't play tight enough to make crucial stops on 3rd and mid to long

  5. brother your info is off when it comes to the pinnacle of USC football in the early 2000's. you can point out all the bad to overshadow the star power there teams possessed, that brought people like Kim K to see what the hype was about.

  6. Ballsy move covering the most hated team in college football lmao
    To clear up some of the close games, Arizona, Cal, and to a degree, WSU and ASU played USC close because every non top-tier team in the PAC 12 is built specifically to beat USC

  7. Idk about you guys since everybody love to hate usc. I'm just happy that they turned a 4-8 record into into a 10-1 season so far….pretty good if you ask me

  8. No they're not. Until USC starts to recruit and develop depth on the OL and DL they'll just be the Oklahoma of the west. The days of having one standout on the DL is over, now teams like Alabama, Georgia, and Clemson or rotating in 4 and 5 star recruits. Notre Dame is going to expose USC.

  9. For those who dont watch USC, i wanna fill in some blanks. The reason Gary Bryant isnt playing is because hes redshirted. The defense has a bunch of pretty damn good ball players, its just i dont think they know the scheme fully since its the first year and they force literally the most turnovers ive seen in a long while. Bryson Shaw, Mekhi Blackmon, Calen Bullock, Tuli, Shane, Gentry, and if he picks it up after what happened last game, Korey Foreman are all studs on the defensive side. The defense is either a 3 and out, Int, or 3 plays and the other team scores.

  10. They’re definitely not bad but I am not convinced they’re a playoff caliber team yet. They’ve only barely beaten two of the three ranked teams they’ve faced and it’s not like they’ve been battling real top 10 teams either. Even if they win out, they shouldn’t get in over the loser of Ohio State and Michigan.

  11. Weak team that beats up on pac-12 scrubs and cashes in on market size bias. Average SEC team would beat them by 40 on a neutral field.

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