1. It was definitely just an average third person shooter but honestly just setting carried it I loved playing that game when it came out lol

  2. I think this game is more underrated than the madmax game.

    Glad you didn't spoiled the final mission for everyone.

    I really don't expect Ubisoft will put as much effort in the new avatar game.

  3. This game is the reason why I admire the movie so much remember going to the Avatar side just spamming backflip over and over again so fucking cool

  4. I remember that I was very impressed by the game grahpic way back at 2009, to the game's gameplay it wasn't completely wrong and its multiplayer was rather fun 🙂

    My biggest gripe was that the single player campaign felt a bit drawn out.

  5. I wish Gubi still went with these crazy ideas for games, which they actually do, but completely remove the greed and bull shit and turn back to more passion and mildly amusing bugs

  6. I remember watching this movie when it came out.
    Girl cat lady told Jake he has to put his pony tail in the animal's pony tail to bond with it. The animals would always go all bug eyed and flip out, and I thought "Yeah… I guess it would be a very alien experience to have your mind invaded by another's mind"
    Then later cat girl and Jale are getting all passionate and he sticks his ponytail in hers and she's like "🥵 can I get a huuuuua yeahhh!"
    So then I realized. Yeah, no, they're not "Bonding" with the animals, the Na'vi are just going around violating the animals and that's why they go all bug eyed and freak out.
    My mind has been perturbed by this ever since

  7. Let's be xenophobic, it's really in this year
    Let's find a nasty, slimy, ugly alien to fear
    There's no more cutesy stories 'bout E.T. phoning home
    Let's learn to love our neighbors
    Like the Christians learned in Rome

    We know we ought to hate 'em; they're different, you see
    We've seen they're mean and ugly on movies and TV
    The folks that ought to know have told us how it's got to be
    The gospel truth is found in scenes from Alien and V

    Let's wipe out any lifeform that seems to be a threat
    We'll serve 'em up a genocide they never will forget
    'Cause if we miss a couple, they'll breed a couple more
    And soon we'll all be hating twice as many as before

    You see aliens can never be as good as humankind
    A more delightful race than us you'll never ever find
    So step aside you star slime we're ready for your worst!
    We know you want to beat us, enslave us and defeat us
    Oppress us and browbeat us, unless we get you first

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