The Last Boy


In a post-apocalyptic world, a dying mother sends her young son on a journey to the place that grants wishes.

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  1. Terrible movie. It's artsy fantasy, but nothing in it is explained, and it kills children. I watch movies to be shown a story not to have to make up my own story as to what happened. If you want to make up your own story – why even watch a movie?

  2. Movie was so good, I lost an 1 hr 26 min without moving. Glued to the screen and for once my physics side could run wild with the possibilities that make odd sense (of no sense). Thanks for an enjoyable movie that kept my attention. Wonderful ending!!

  3. Certainly hits all of the right marks for the genre. Far more relevant in pandemic era! I would love a sequel. Solid storytelling and well played by all. I'll never open a window at night again.

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