The Monkey King 2


The sequel to the international fantasy blockbuster, fast-forwards 500 years to a new realm where the Monkey King (Aaron Kwok)…

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  1. I get it, the monkey king is the main character, but they should make the master and the two other disciples a little more competent.

  2. I am so impressed with the Rich quality of
    The production ,the special effects.
    I watched this on a
    late 2020 LG phone W/a cracked screen
    W/subtitles I don't even remember reading
    Great film that will stand the test of time ..

  3. Guess what I watched this movie all the way through it’s something I’m glad I did watch cause I am like Cinderella, my father was the real Elvis but there is a man his mother came and met me she was a cotton tycoon all her mills are now in Canada. Now the mills I’m talking about are the ones that use to be in Anderson SC I reckon it had to do with the cost of having the mills here cause it’s so much cheaper in Canada. At first I thought all the mills purposely moved because my father did not want me to know his worth, but you know if you don’t have a father and you finally find him and he is mega rich then it’s caused me to not want to interfere with him cause he will suppose I’m out for money. It was I who set out to be around my mother who her mind was bashed at the time she was in love with Elvis Presley well a man in Anderson is Elvis’s friend yes Elvis use to visit at Sally Abney Rose’s home while she owned mills, Bennett was her husband. Lost to never having my real father when Kennedy, Elvis and John Richard Buck Fulp, Jr. they all hung together so of course I thought Elvis was my father but in Fulp’s younger days I am identical to him. What’s even more odd cause no one has told me nothing I live within walking distance to one of his daughters. I would have never known of this family if Sally Abney Rose had not come and found me. I was invited to her home and I was in shock when I saw the home but now it sits in ruin. I went to see Sally but her maid would not let me visit. Big black maid and I mean she was really not brown she was black, dressed so beautiful in her maid black long dress and see through apron and a small maids hat on. I saw her one time at her mail box but with her physical condition I knew it was best to just say hi, I wanted badly to say I am your granddaughter but when I get nervous all for what I should say leaves me. Mr. Fulp came to Sams Club to meet me and neither of us knew not the correct things to say. I did say I was the one that wrote you that 7 page letter. Many people came to me about Buck I was told of his racing cars down Clemson Blvd. and he told the cops I’m going to race Clemson Blvd be ready to write my ticket up when I’m done. Many rich people came in my life and the men also but I was not interested why cause I was raised like a poor foster child and my foster mother was so evil to us all one by one they all ran away but Betty and I. Mama Dover beat me so bad going to the bank with Papa to get 800$ out for my 65 Fairlane Ford. It was gave to me for free from Melvin Hunt but Papa did work on it but back then 800$ was like 2,000$ yes Papa wronged me but Papa was always good to us children Mama Dover beat on all us every day later she and her daughter Doris went to the doctor both was put on Bi-Polar medication. How I use to beg for my father, I’d run to the woods knowing about snakes I didn’t care I’d find shade trees with sunlight beaming in between that was my Jesus and God now that I know Buck Fulp knows of me I never want to hurt him see a man sometimes is shamed by his own doings of the past can you imagine how his wife felt she came by herself and got a picture of my mother and Elvis that was the real 1st Elvis that photo was of: Hysterical Fan Grabbing Elvis Presley’s Pants Leg/ click on Miami Beach Miami Connection 411 scroll to the 6th photo her name my mother was Eular Agnes Robinson Moss she died in Charleston SC and is buried here on my property In Anderson SC. Please all people who gives up their children just like me they WILL search for you. Just be kind I know my father is rich but ever since 1980 that Sally Rose came to me I have never interfered in my fathers personal life he knows of me and I of him but living next to my stepsister is hard for me cause I know she needs me she gets real bad off and things are hard for her but I can’t interfere unless my father tells them the truth about me and that may never be. I write him but I really know at his age 83 that ME is hard on him. You can’t make anyone love you. I love my children, just got off the phone with my son I always wondered where my sons deep voice came from Bucks voice is deep. Hope y’all enjoyed I really wish I can help someone through even my struggles. Sweet happy days.

  4. I love this movie I love the mythology but it really doesn't make sense for the monk to not believe wukong being aware of his powers and abilities

  5. The monk by far is the absolute most annoying character in cinema. Despite all his self proclaimed "wisdom" and "enlightenment", he still cannot see the darkness and evil within others. Nor can he differentiate friend from foe, the guy is an absolute joke.

    Wukong was doing his job and he gets chastised for doing it. If it wasn't for the monk, this movie would be perfect.

  6. All 3 Monkey King films are sweet and precious, for there are nuggets of messages all over them. Now this statement comes from a Native American who has done my ancestor's history studies, all 5,000 plus years of it. Not to mention, Amitabah is my spiritual better big brother and friend for all time, just like Jesus is.

  7. All 3 movies are great entertainment with an underlying message of good overcoming evil. When China sets propaganda aside, the filmmakers there produce some really good material, and with a historical perspective. Aaron Kwok was fantastic as Sun Wukong: The Monkey King, and Gong Li was superlative as The Ice Queen. I understand she went into a zone of 26-27 straight hours of being on set acting out the role while deep into her character.

  8. Take off autoplay. Turn on loop feature (top right pinwheel) drag play bar to the last few minutes of movie and let it finish & flip to start its own replay. No advertisements. It'll allow you time to get snacks & settled while it does the skip for you. Sometimes u have to let at least 1 round of ad go thru before the loop so I always wait until after 1 ad. Can watch a bit of the movie too see if it's interesting.

  9. I love how YouTube totally left out the actor who plays opposite the Monkey King in the show more area.
    He is Feng Shaofeng/William Feng. A very popular actor in China/Asia who is most well known for doing costume drama series but also modern ones. He also does movies of course.
    Don't get him wrong, he can play roles of very manly sword wielding martial arts heroes as well. (Is that a typed microaggression to women nowadays, I wonder LOL)

  10. Everyone comments on this movie on a theatric judging… I look at the technical side… Especially the quality of the martial artists, and the skill level…. Donny Yen was in Monkey King 1… The make up was so good that even though ive been an artist since grade school and am 68… I couldnt tell, and hes my 2nd favorite martial artist(no need to say whos #1)..
    The abilities of all were amazing, I dont mean CG crap, the real abilities.

  11. Anytime here watch the movie the forbidden kingdom? How does it relate to the other monkey king movies? For instance is it a prequel, or something else

  12. When I first saw these films, I wasn't expecting anything but, run of the mill. However, I was taken by the different actors and actresses. Their motivation, agility, and their true devotion to the making of this film. The costumes , the props, the screen play turned out to be quite masterful. It truly was an exciting thing to discover that first day, that I happened upon the Chinese. I will now have a new collection to master during life! Wonderful blessings to all the cast! Keep up the good work and keep making more and more films! 🌍🌎🌏 The New World Order People IV. Highest Commanding Officer (World) AADDVV

  13. Subtitling goes way too fast. Funny huh, it's almost always the women that are the evil ones or instigate evil in men?! Then and today.

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