The phone company tier list – 2021!

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  1. I disagree with Nokia I think they should be higher considering that they're going for the budget phone sector and they have been getting better and better recently and are pushing to do more flagships too I myself have used them and very recently I got the Nokia x30 5G which is by far my favourite phone to date as it's a quality phone with everything you need for a good phone and has a clear version for the future

  2. Verizon is the worst don't expect unlimited for 80$ a month it's a cell that can be used a few hours a day any more and your signal is cut down to 1 bar. Garbage verizon is garbage

  3. Apple can't be S tier because their "cheap" phones are crap. Simple as that. If you are S tier you offer the best phone in every price range. Samsung should be the only S tier. And how is something like Transsion C tier? People don't even know this exists xD

  4. As much as these phone companies take little time to catch up with Samsung in all it's innovations, they just can't match Samsung in terms of timely software and security updates. Xiaomi can be up to 5 or 6 months late. If they can do that, they'll be up to S tier in my eyes.

  5. You forgot 1 very important thing. Custom rom support.

    Xiaomi, oneplus and google are the only ones that provide good custom rom support. And among them only xiaomi is left making cheap, good phones. Slap on a custom rom and 99% of your software issues are gone. That is a huge thing.

  6. iPhone is trash I had an iPhone 11 and it had a lot of heating problems I had a lot of problems with the phone. Then it got to the point we’re I had to use my old phone an 80$ old Samsung phone works better then the fucking iPhone 11

  7. Xiaomi products are fantastic for the price but tend to slow down and have little bugs and glitches more so than other more premium brands

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