The Rock Is DESPERATE To Convince Everyone That Black Adam Wasn't A Box Office FAILURE For DC


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  1. The first Captain America movie took the equivalent of $490m when you adjust for inflation.

    It also cost less to make than Black Adam did, even after adjusting for inflation.

  2. It was just a fairly poor film – writing, direction, editing all weak. And unfortunately Johnson just isn't a good enough actor to play a dark villain/antihero type.
    A Doctor Fate movie with Pierce Brosnan a few years ago would've been good.

  3. It was one of those movies that you can watch just once and move on to the next. It was an ok movie but at least he doesn't crap on the fans which is the only upside.

  4. 2:16 Kind of like the “Oh we aren’t in a recession, the economy is doing well, look at all the jobs.” Despite it being people taking up multiple jobs and businesses firing so many while placing job holds. I had been denied over ten jobs despite being fully, and in half of the cases over, qualified because of decisions from up top to halt all further job hirings unless truly needed because of how the economy is going.

  5. The movie was meh for me. Nothing special or haven’t seen before. Hollywood cant stop making super hero movies or remakes or reboots. No creativity at all just cookie cutter plots and themes. This is why I don’t go to theatres that much. Didn’t go to the theatre for this one.

  6. I have a feeling the movie would have done better if he didn't make certain political choices. I lost all respect for him after endorsing Biden and can't support his work anymore myself.

  7. They count merchandise? Well that's a scam… Places like Prime1 & Queen Studios had already licensed and began statues for this movie way before it was released…
    If you count "merchandise" now when you can buy high end collectibles (and A LOT of people do, A LOT of people are in the statue community) then where does it stop…

    Iron Man has $12,000+ 1:1 scale replicas… Do they count another $12K towards "the success of the iron man movies" for every one they sell???
    How do you count merchandise nowadays, how is The Rock doing that, I'd love to see his spreadsheet… Is he even aware of all the things licensed by this already and being made..

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