The Rock Is In Hot Water After Bold Black Adam Claim From WB Execs


If your perception of “Black Adam” is based on Dwayne Johnson’s ad campaign and hype machine, you’d think it’s the…

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  1. I think the Rock should leave the comic book movies to other actors. He's more of an action-drama / comedy actor. He shouldn't join the cgi world. I would like to see him revive the role for the movie "Faster". Pulling a revenge kind of character and maybe using that to be something like an Equalizer style of character.

  2. F*** black panther boring ass movie. F*** Chadwick boseman he let us down. Everything's a secret. Keep your secrets he could have stayed out of it. Everybody morning a guy from a fake country b*******. I'd watch Black Adam again and again one time is all it took for wakanda to know it was a flop. I'm a comic book nerd that said that.

  3. With real talent and skills you can go miles upon miles of success in life.

    But if you fake to make up the real skill and talent, then someday your true self will be come up and the balloon will blast.

    Same thing happened to the Dwayne Johnson. Literally he is doing acting like The Rock in every movie with the bigger biceps and triceps. But remember, movies are not watched only my kids, but matured adult.

    On the other hand Brendan Fraser, Keanu Reeves, Johnny Depp are real actors with real skills and talents; they already showed thier wide range in various genres.

  4. You can tell how disappointed the Rock how this movie did. He's constantly saying how well it did when anyone who can do simple math knows this thing was a failure.

    But I guess after hyping being part of the DCU (or whatever they're calling it now) for 5 years and acting like his character was going to be the next phase of the franchise it must be hard wondering if you're even play him again?

    Movie just came off too generic. I'll judge it when I see it on HBO Max in a few days.

  5. you the problem i had was we got the justice league already. how are they going to have that coexist with the justice society now?

  6. It was okay. I can’t believe I like it. And Shazam better then super vs Batman. I just want a good story and too let it add up like marvel. Because I can’t understand nothing have of the time.

  7. This has absolutely nothing to do with Black Adam nor Dwayne Johnson. It all has to do with the serious shakeup at Warner. The 2 now in charge don’t care about their audiences. You know us the ticket holder’s. The majority of their big box office smashes have been cancelled. Aquaman 2 (no Jason), Superman 2 (no Henry)(after Dwayne welcomes him back as Superman), Wonder Woman, Thor & the list goes on. It appears that these 2 weren’t brought in to reignite Warner but to run it into the ground. At least, that’s the way it’s going. Several Entertainment Industry Articles have been circulating about these Cancellations. It’s not been one source. I’m not saying it’s a media campaign to make them look bad. This is straight from their mouths. When you have hundreds of thousands of followers waiting year’s for the return of Henry as Superman & then you up & cancel it. You know there’s something most definitely wrong. Jason in the sequel to Aquaman. The first was a Billion Dollar Blockbuster. C’mon, you don’t walk away from that.

  8. Dude every movie he’s in is just stroking his ego, this one is no different. People are sick and tired of seeing him in these “I’m big and strong, no one is stronger than me” roles and the fact that this film didn’t do so well is proof of that

  9. Here are my top 3 Dwayne Johnson's movies:

    3.- The Rundown
    2.- The Game Plan
    1.- Tooth Fairy

    All of the others are just the same stuff. Boring explosions and guns and trashy dumpster fires

  10. First problem: JSA
    Second problem: Doctor Fate cannot take The Helmet of Fate off/on so easily.
    Third problem: the villain
    Forth problem: all the above

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