This Beef Jollof Rice Recipe Is Soo Delicious You Won’t Believe How Easy It Is To Make. Kids Love It

Ingredients: 2 – Garlic Cloves 1 – Habanero Pepper 1/2 – Onion (Medium) 29oz Can of Tomato Sauce or about 10 Fresh Tomatoes…

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  1. Is sweet Adjeley same as Nanaaba's kitchen??? The lady I was seeing in Sweet Adjeley before is now Nanaaba's kitchen. The actual Sweet Adjeley has that lady's voice on all videos comments but a different person is showing… That new lady's voice is totally different in the video Ghanaian YouTuber sweet Adjeley cooks delicacies on what's cooking.
    I want some clarification. Thank you.

  2. My African sister. I am Bakongo from Angola and European mix. Your food is like ours. The problem I have in America, (my new homeland) I don’t understand the meat cuts. Took me 20 years to learn and adapt to the Swedish meat cuts, but having moved here recently, now it’s trouble again ! 3 countries with 3 ways of cut the meat. What is the name of the piece of meat you used to make the rice ? also I saw your soup, similar to ours. What is the beef cut you used ? I am getting too old to start learning new things at my age… I miss home very much… home of yesterday, so I eat my food so my heart doesn’t burst … I will make your powders.. excellent idea and no chemicals so bad for our health… blessings my sweet sister 🤗

  3. Hello Sweet Adjeley I'm currently based in Ghana and I've been enjoying your videos so so much! I've noticed you use 'spice blend cube' for a lot of your recipes. Unfortunately I don't know where to get it. Is there an alternative I could use or perhaps another name for the cube?

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