This Gaming Laptop Was Only $499 From Walmart! The Best Cyber Monday Black Friday Deal!

This gaming laptop was only $499 from Walmart during its Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday sale, and it turned out to be a…

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  1. I had a similar laptop like the one in your vid, it was msi gf63 with an i5 9300h+gtx 1650 max-q gddr5, the cooling was horrid just like the one in this video, one fan to cool a high performance cpu and gpu…. what was msi thinking lol?

  2. I bought this about a year ago for $600 and I upgraded the ram to 32 and the ssd to 1 tb, bought a 144 hz monitor not too long ago with a keyboard and now I just hook my laptop up to those and I’ve ran every single game so far just fine, it’s definitely worth the price especially if you put a little bit into it for upgrades

  3. Hey, im trying to get a reference to how low prices can get on black friday and Cyber monday, because i have my eyes on a few models for an Acer nitro 5, which are cutrently at like 734 with a 12% discount. And another one slightly better at 852 with a 9% discount. How much should I expect them to lower in price in those holy days?

  4. I actually bought this laptop for work and no complaints at all. Yeah I do a little gaming after I’m done with work…but mainly for work 😏

  5. I actually picked this up a month ago just to have a smaller laptop to play games at work with during slow times. It's a great size for lugging around everyday.

    I have to say it works well with everything I've thrown at it. I've been playing halo infinite at med 1080p and get a constant 60fps. Back for blood is constant 60fps at 1080 med/high.

    Overall a great laptop even at the $600 i paid. I added 8gb ddr4 and a 400gb 2.5 SSD for around $60 and was good to go.

  6. Hello ETA PRIME, first off let me just say I love your videos and I watch them all the time and I'm actually a local fan. I see that your located not far from me according to your facebook but I'm actually commenting on this video for a important reason. I actually found this exact laptop on Amazon with the ram already upgraded to 16GB of ram but your video actually heavily influenced me to get it. I just recently bought cyperpunk 2077 on steam due to the new 1.5 update and I can not get it to launch at all and from your video it should run. I am fairly new to PC gaming but I have tried for days now to get the game to run with no success. If you could get back in touch with me to help me troubleshoot this issue I would greatly appreciate it and keep making your awesome videos.

  7. That single stick of RAM is seriously holding this back. The overall performance will be better with dual sticks, dual channel memory. Especially those 0.1% lows.

  8. It's in stock and the same price, a full week later. A bit surprised by that, I was expecting it to have already been out of stock by the time I first saw this a few hours after upload and back in stock now, but way higher priced, but nope, still a decent deal.

  9. It would've been a perfect deal if it weren't for many disadvantages in this laptop. First off, how is it that a laptop this thick and uses Max Q GPU? Secondly, how is it that a gaming laptop only has a single fan? Every gaming laptop I know of has 2 fans, one for the Processor and another for the graphics card.
    Thirdly, no full sized keyboard with Num keys. Fourthly, everyone knows MSI laptops are not the best choice, especially for a gaming laptop since they're prone to failure.
    Honestly, the only advantage I can think of in this laptop is the fact that it has an overclocking software out of the box, but then again you can find something like this in other laptops such as the Lenovo Legion 5.

  10. I have an go laptop similar to this…but I got slower i5 9300 or something like that, and 16gb ran and gtx 1650…but not max q…and it still playes a lot of games well better than a PS4 that’s for sure…I’m still happy with it…I got one more year with it then I’m upgrading to another laptop and giving my older one to my son.

  11. Fixing to snag the one at my walmart.
    My last build was a i5 6500k and a gigabyte 1060….. Spent lots on it back then. But even for budget this laptop is still better

  12. ETA Prime endorsing Amazon, Walmart and cheap electronics from China

    Yeah, human rights are pretty much nonexistent for you, aren't they?

  13. Man, this laptop looks so sleek but I don't know if 790dls at my place is justified when I can get the IdeaPad3 gaming for the same price and slightly better specs.
    I'm not sure whether to pull the trigger on this one cause I do want light laptop with decent gaming potential

  14. the only bad thing about msi laptops is the msi software that controls fans and the graphics switch

    they force updates that break the software and then take forever to reinstall without breaking it more

  15. I got this in early 2020. I am extremely dissapointed and regret my decisions. It's a horrible laptop, cooling, configuration, my specs and how difficult it is to open the cover to dust things out. Built-in keyboard is dog water. It stutters in every game due to extremely high temps; My model is GF63 thin 9rcx and only has one fan. CPU do not boost more than 3.1 Ghz during games due to temps.

  16. Sounds great I got my self a msi gp 65 leopard some weeks before it cost me 1400 dollars…… With a 10 gen i7 Intel cpu and rtx 2060 graphics wanted a 11 gen i7 rtx 3060 msi pulse but that was way over my budget…. Now let's see how it goes….

  17. I bought an MSI GP 63 a few years ago and I'll never go near MSI again, it died after 3 months and never ran the same again (after being returned 5 times!).

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