This LOW FAT Keto Diet Gave Me INSANE Results (my self experiment)


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  1. I am also experimenting with lowering fat on Keto. I have two cups of shredded lettuce with every other meal. It helps with my hunger. I am a big girl. Fasting is too hard for me. I end up eating too much afterwards.

  2. The fact that you normally eat 150g per day of protein as a male and I have been told to eat 170g as a 5'5" petite frame female has just solved my weight loss problem.

  3. Yes your logic makes more sense to me, than the original keto plan. I also prefer a diet I can cut fat and be able to eat more healthy vegetables.

  4. If you lost a bunch of weight on this, how would you transition off so you don’t gain all the weight back? I see the four phases in the video but are we stuck on that fourth phase?

  5. Your thumbnail is photoshopped! You blurred out your abs in the first picture. Wow now I'm questioning the legitimacy of your other videos. Wow man, I watch a lot of your videos. So should I now assume that you lie about other things. Dude 🤔

  6. "Low Fat Keto"? By definition- no such thing. I think you found something that worked for you. We are all different. Most on Keto are not body builders, rather fighting type II. Interesting video nonetheless.

  7. All very interesting stuff. I expect that results and outcomes are going to be quite different for people who are already obese. That's always my takeaway. I think fit people just metabolize differently. When I consume more veggies, my weight loss is slower. When I eat more fats and proteins, I lose weight quicker.

  8. Since I am watching your videos, few months already, I decided to go on my own using your information
    So I do 3 days high protein, low fat and low carbs. I do IF every day, I eat 2 a days in a 3 hours window. Guess what-for 2 weeks NO RESULT in the kilograms BUT I feel good . I have to get rid of approximately 10 kgs BUT nothing works because I am menopausal 😥😥😥

  9. I did keto diet for A month, had to stop. Lost weight in a scary way. Everyday down .3 to .4 pound, and wondered if it ever will stop. Nope I don't want to look like that, too thin, doesn't look healthy. A big No for me.

  10. Interesting. The high fat of keto kind of grossed me out, so I've been just doing 100 or so carbs + low fat proteins and I've been feeling pretty good. I might lower my carbs and see what's up.

  11. Hi Thomas very interesting. What do you think is best to switch between high fat and low fat high protein days or can one just go high protein. By changing the keto macros from normal 80% fat 15% protein 5% veggie carbs to 60% fat 25% protein 15% carb. I don’t have a keto monitor so you’ll have to tell me. Also have you made follow up videos

  12. Are you familiar with Durianrider here on YouTube? He is crank Aussie into cycling/bikes that advocates eating lots of carbs/sugar but limiting fat substantially – no animal fat since he is vegan. Says you can eat all you want and be able to lose weight. Lots of people following him have tried this and found some success. Thinking maybe the body must have some need for using fat and burns body fat if not consuming enough fat? This experiment of yours seems to be showing this type of thing too except in your case, without the fat in your diet you need calories from somewhere and veggies and shakes won't do it.

  13. I’m super interested in different types cycling like this but I’m not sure about all the different changes I could do or when it would be best to do the change.

  14. Great information, however the photos seem misleading as they could all be from the same day just with different lighting. I get its for the clicks but still the "noticable" result could definitely be just due to lighting or before and after muscle pump. Still enjoyed the overall information.

  15. This what little I've learned so far: (I came out of a week-long water fast 1 week ago to help get into ketosis) 3 days after and before I started eating keto, I was still at 3.9.
    1. After settling into the keto diet, I've had good numbers, but I've gone backwards 8 lbs, but that is not totally fair, because you have nothing in you after a week of water fasting.
    2. After starting the keto diet, I've been going heavy on the fats, some proteins, and a couple servings of raw broccoli to the carbs. I've been unusually sedentary as well. While exercise is not much of a calorie burner, for me it revs metabolism a lot and I have more energy through the day and more upbeat.
    3. I've learned the best way to screw up keto numbers is work late at night and not get enough sleep. My keto and GKI that day look like flyer readings. I tended to not take the time to sleep for a long time. I can sleep fine if I stop working and lay down, which I have been doing and I dream a lot too.
    4. Yesterday afternoon I ate a small bag of peanuts and yesterday evening a fair amount of salsa. I felt guilty and really didn't want to measure today, but I did anyway. My keytone number was 2.4, when my normal days have been 2.4-2.5 with 2.0 being the day I didn't get enough rest the night before, and a GKI of 1.7, which was 2nd best of all of my tests.
    5. I believe that I'm ODing on fat and calories, which you mentioned in another of your videos but didn't know where I was at until after a week.
    6. So my keto and GKI is part of the process but only detects that I am burning fat, but that may be dietary fat and storing the extra. This week I'm going to swap out some fat for protein, drop the calories, and live a little more normal rather than contrived and see what happens.

    I appreciate your videos and frankness with your discoveries. I don't mind a bit when you teach one way in the past, and I go with it, and you come back with, "I discovered something interesting that happened to me, and I don't know exactly why, but this is my theory." It may or may not work for me, but it is something to try and who knows, it might end up N=2. Just an idea to try is valuable. You thoughts about managing our thoughts, attitudes, relaxing, and enjoying life are things that you've learned the hard way and have worked for you, so those too are concepts people can take or leave too, but at least they are out there for people to try if they want to. I know you are doing well on your channel, but you also deserve it. In the areas of the economy where free enterprise reigns, the richest people are the most underpaid. Consider what the founders of Ford, Microsoft, Google, and Apple have done.

  16. Any good diet plan shoould be healthy and convenient so people can follow it long term. That's why the keto diet sucks, and why the Agoge diet is great. I got rid of my cellulite finally.

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