This Phone charges in 9 Minutes – WHY?

Unboxing and review of the Redmi Note 12 Discovery Edition – the fastest charging commercial phone in the world. I spend A LOT of time trying to make my videos as concise, polished and useful to you as possible – if you want to support me in that mission please consider subscribing to the channel – you would make my day ๐Ÿ˜ Twitter – For my technical hot takes:
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  1. I thought that I should get a OnePlus Nord or a Samsung because I didn't like MIUI's notification drawer was split in two, until my brother with a Xiaomi phone showed me that you can switch it to be like a regular Android notification bar. MIUI is so flexible, I can't believe it! I'm totally gonna buy this phone in this video.

  2. Well… will have to wait to see what the retail price is gonna be like when it gets released in Europe but I think I found my next phone.

  3. Im looking forward to Upgrade my Phone, it is an Samsung s8 and its really broken. This Video inspired me to buy an Xiaomi, but i cant find that specific Model. Anyone can help?

  4. The thing " You can play your video with the screen off" is the video tool thing, I have one too and think it is pre installed on every modern MI phones. Maybe

  5. Xiaomi phone will feed you ads ad nauseam. They just prefer to boil a frog slowly – they will let you get used to the phone and then gradually increase the number of ads shown until you will be barely able to tolerate them.

  6. They should offer paid software updates after some time, better for the environment, better for the consumer, better for xiaomi

  7. I burst out laughing after seeing the genshin impact, it reminds me that when I charge my phone while playing genshin impact, it reduces the battery, not charging it, after I see Redmi Note12 Xiaomi can charge from empty to full in under 10 minutes, I can guess that while playing genshin impact while on 10% battery, pretty sure that it can fill up to 100% in just maybe under an hour or even 45 minutes.

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