Top 10 Jason David Frank Tommy Oliver Moments In Power Rangers

To honor the late Jason David Frank, we’ve rounded up his best moments as Tommy Oliver in “Power Rangers.” For this list we are…

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  1. This was a beautiful tribute to the legendary Power Ranger Tommy Oliver. I remember watching some of the Power Rangers series when Tommy guest starred, especially the clone fight in Super Ninja Steel. Now I’m going to go back to all the Power Ranger episodes he was in and watch them. I still can’t believe this beautiful, wonderful person is gone, but his legacy and memory will forever live on in all his appearances in the Power Ranger Franchise. Rest In Peace, Jason David Frank. 😢😭

  2. RIP Jason David Frank. You were my favorite male Ranger from the original series. I wish I could have met you at a convention and told you how much your Green Ranger inspired me as a little girl of the 90's. I'm 31 now and you will always have a special place in my heart.

  3. Can’t believe that his gone 😢😭I finally got the chance to meet him last June at ranger stop and pop now he’s gone but like dr.hiluluk from one piece said when those a man truly die he only dies when his forgotten well never forget you Jason thank you for all the joy you brought to are lives thank you and good bye 🥹🥹🥹

  4. I learned better morals and ethics from Tommy than the many adults in my life that let me down countless times again and again. I know it was just a role, but he owned it and time after time he revisted the character and picked up like he never left. Even in my older age, he came back in various series or online spin offs ans still made you believe that good will truimph over evil. rest in paradise Jason, you will be now and forever sorely missed 💜

  5. I'm really sad and shocked and can't believe it 😢My condolences goes to his family and his 2nd family and friends the cast of MMPR. May he be in heaven and in spirit with us his fans and loved ones. He truly is legendary and an icon and always will be The Green & White Ranger 😭🌹

  6. Justice for Jason David frank!!! He was murder!!!!! Cover up he was murder!!! He would not take his own life bs!!!! Murder!!!

  7. Another moment for me was Fighting Spirit when he had to fight 3 of his past powers to be awaken from his coma. That said Jason was great, and there's going to be an long wait (if ever) for someone else to even come close to matching his legendary run in the series. Sure you have the surviving Mighty Morphin Rangers like Jason (the Red Ranger as probably the closest MMPR Ranger of matching JDF) Or Wes and/or Jen from Time Force as probably the best Rangers since JDF. In terms of popularity though JDF will always be the best Ranger ever. RIP JDF

  8. Dino Thunder was my introduction to Tommy. I had no clue Tommy was on Power Rangers before Dino Thunder, but when I found out he was one of the original six, I thought, "Wow, that's cool".

  9. Still in shock that he took his life, he just became a father and was doing all these events and such, would of never guessed he was struggling with something, more and more celebrities taking their own lives, Aaron Carter and now Jason David Frank within a month

  10. How was the Master Morpher Battle NOT number one? Jason David Frank doing a Superman 3 good v evil him battle was EPIC!

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