Top 10 Mobile Games of 2022! NEW GAMES REVEALED. Android and iOS!

The year is now halfway through and there are already over 100,000 new mobile games ready for download. Most of these games…

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  1. Already seeing some incredibly thoughtful comments. Please keep them coming!

    Thank you for all your support. I enjoyed doing this research for you guys. I'm going to go spend the weekend with my family, but then ill get back to researching the next video for you guys!

  2. Honestly I believe that this list is absolutely disappointing and not because I disagree. I genuinely like what I see but where are the simple offline games? Or the idk co-op zombies? Like I refuse to support any of this destiny stuff because they have already made enough money. It seems like all the real mobile game devs got killed or sued for no reason… Like I expect wizard 101 type of simplicity and engagement from a mobile game… Not something trying to compete with a console or PC… It's suppose to be a different experience and nobody is talking about it… Remember when you had a Wii to play Wii games and a console to play cod and a PC for Gary's Mod? Hell even mobile had their own stuff going on and it use to be amazing for what it was… But now gaming is dead… Stop being thinking this is normal… This is how class war starts…

  3. You really should educate yourself about games that you 'review' – basically all you said about DI is from click-bait videos and articles and not even nearly true. Maybe do some actual reaseach?

  4. I own blizzard and evil had infiltrated the company, it was supposed to cost 110 dollars to max ya char, we have had every game ruined to different extents. We changing it all back soon, n will refund all whom were ripped off

  5. Stopped by to hear some great suggestions on new mobile games and completely laughed when DI is the first suggestion. Seriously? Of the "100,000" new mobile games that came out, this is the one you start your list with?

    As gamers, lets not promote companies that should be embarrassed by their product

  6. Amazing video…. Absolutely love it. Have you considered Black Desert Mobile? This game totally rock, been playing 2 years now and the action never stops. If you have not already, as I am yet to go through all your vids, pls check it out… If anyone can do this game justice….. Its You Bro!! Bless!

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