1. Very sad the only game I'm looking forward to the month of October didn't make the list. Star Ocean: The Divine Force. Star Ocean 5 kinda sucked but the rest of the games have been great and I wanna see if this is a return to form.

  2. Can I ask , maybe I'm over seeing this but not one person is talking about how, well at least on Xbox the price for a game has went up $10 bucks. They cost $89.99 now so $101 after tax F that . And on top of that you need to buy all the extras.
    This is damn Ludacris.
    If games are going to be raising the cost of this games that don't run full FPS give us all the damn content for the cost.
    Damn greed this industry

  3. If this was a top 10, I would put A plagues Tale in the top 3 with Bayonetta and COD. Scorn and Overwatch 2 in 4 and 5. But Gotham Knight is quite a dissappointment. How can Arckam Knight look better?

  4. pls dont talk anymore about ow2 5v5 being better than 6v6 just cuz its ur preference when u didnt even play the first, u admit urself not having played the first so how would u know its better.. newsflash most ppl haven been dreading 5v5 sinds it was announced. ppl that played a shitton of ow 1 and know why it was better. there were many different phases of 6v6 in ow different metas, free for all but also role Q all these changes made the game alot different just within 6v6, thats like me who doesnt know the first thing about basketball going welllll ya know if the 3 pointer line gets removed its gonna be better because i didnt play the game with 3 pointers cuz it was too many points so tune it down and its gonna be better i didnt play it but thrust me .. wouldnt u as a basketball player go like with all do respect stfu

  5. the $40 was guaranteed access to the beta, the $10 battle pass and pretty much every skin from special editions of the OW1 plus 2 new skins and $20 credit that can be used to buy the next 2 battle passes or 1 Legendary skin (that really pisses me off) so basically the next 2 battle passes cause they include the new character out the gate plus 3-4 legendary skins and the new mythic tier skins. By Blizzards logic, it includes like 15 legendary skins so $300 value from OW1 and then 2 new skins so another $40 then the $20 credit and the $10 battle pass all for $40. NGL. if you own those skins it's 100% not worth it cause the skins it include are meh and it's just cheaper to buy the pass alone.

  6. Not too many games achieved over 8.9 score this year besides elder rings. Seems like they are just rushing these games out. No they doing remakes like the movies. It's getting old.

  7. I wish Gotham Knights would be successful but seeing early gameplay of it doesn't inspire confidence. Combat looks like trash, dialogue is stiff, and the game looks glitchy and stiff in movements. Arkham Knight looks so much better graphics wise.

  8. Hey Jake I lost my Warframe account got banned for 15 years is there anyway around this if I buy a new console say and don't use my emails?

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