1. Can't wait for FF XVI and Star Wars: Jedi Survivor…I have never played Diablo or Street Fighter, maybe it's time for them ! Dead Space and RE 4 Remake will be great but I think I will wait for a discount

  2. Man atomic heart looks so good that it almost feels like a joke. A this good looking game coming out of nowhere with amazing graphics, story and gameplay is literally too good to be true. Hope it'll be as amazing as it looks.

  3. Can’t wait for Harry Potter and Jedi Survivor! Going to have to find time to replay Fallen Order before March while also replaying the Witcher with the next-gen upgrade😅

  4. Actually Resident Evil 4 would be the first game for me to try in this franchise, and it has a lot to prove to me to get me hooked into the other resident games. I have always been curious about all the buzz around Resident Evil and why players adore these games so much that whenever a game launches it's like a historical event. So either this game gets me into this franchise or I will say goodbye forever to Resident Evil.

  5. So annoying to me that Final Fantasy XVI is a timed exclusive to Playstation. I want my Xbox version!!!!!!! Same with VII Remake!!!!!!!!!! Excited for Zelda though!

  6. Maaaann 🤦🏾‍♂️…..I dont see SHIT thats NEXT-GEN LOOKIN on this list!! Atomic Heart I'll kinda give a break to….shit looks weird but looks ALRIGHT 🤷🏾‍♂️!! Graphics look pretty good but we'll see!! Forspoken I had HIGH anticipation for….cause the Graphics looked (Chefs Kiss) when early gameplay or trailers were bein shown from UE5…but playin the demo 🤦🏾‍♂️smh🤦🏾‍♂️!! Idk…Im tryin to give it a chance….but, that shit is DEF a mix between "Horizon" and "God of War" 👆🏾💯!! I guess Im just WAITIN on these companies to REALLY step their games up (Pun Intended)…I wanna see the PS5 games bein pushed to their limits as far as GRAPHICS and gameplay wise…(REAL NEXT-GEN Shit)!!! We need MORE REALISTIC games…IG thats more of my focus also

  7. I thought Fallen Order was pretty bad. Everyone I know that played it constantly ran into bugs, the story was an obvious rip off of the original trilogy, and even though the exploration was decent, the ugly cosmetics you earned from it wasn't worth it.

  8. we as gamers became so much more harder to please and God dammit so picky too….so this new year i’m going to try my best to appreciate the hard work developers put into a project even if I don’t like the game, I will remind myself that people had put their blood and sweat into it. 2023 shall be the year of appreciation.

  9. I understand the field has evolved and stuff, but, FOR ME, Street Fighter went downhill after Alpha 3. I was a huge fan but, unfortunately, I have zero interest in it nowadays.

  10. I just want you to know that I truly enjoy your passion that oozes out in these videos. Never change Jake Baldino. And I look forward to my pizza

  11. They need to come out with a Midnight Club game and Star Wars The Force Unleashed. I would like to see these games continue their stories or release an older game from my childhood but not updated characters, stories, and graphics.

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