1. Tetrominoes

    0:19 Next to the loose cannon's elbow, over the light on the wall
    0:46 Replaces the PokerStars red spade
    1:47 Revealed when Scott Seiver checks his cards
    2:15 Behind the dealer's head
    4:10 Next to the Jack of Hearts in the card graphics
    5:38 Phil's chips that he limps in with
    7:00 Crawling down the wall

    Did I get all of them?

  2. All due respect for Doyle but don't think that was such a "soul read", due to the very little information he got about Daniel's hand at that point, so the most likely to've happened is Doyle was trying to mess around making a "guess", thinking of the nuts on that board, right when Daniel happened to be holding it (Doyle also points out, at the end of the hand, he wasn't supposed to talk during a hand he's not involved in, so why would that be a soul read if he wasn't even in the hand? For me, just a guess, but still, a hellova guess)

  3. There was something innate about the loose cannon in the last clip. Obviously needed more training and lessons to become a pro but he was naturally talented.

  4. I bought an autographed Phil hellmuth book from eBay I had only paid a dollar for it wasn't expecting it to be signed was very happy and surprised

  5. If only that one loose cannon wasn’t trying so hard to be cool. He seemed like a pretty cool guy the few times he put his defenses down and just hung out with the table.

  6. Last guy was the type of dbag player nobody wants to invite to their games. Thinks he can read way better than you and gets lucky once in a while. Throw in some angle shooting (8:15) with the fake call for good measure.

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