1. Where is the point of making Top games in XXXX where most of the games ARENT EVEN OUT ! How do you know its TOP game then ? Get serious people.

  2. I may try some of those games but not God of War and Not Scorn . There are a few more games in there that I am not going to play like those turned based strategy games but I did write them down so I can tell my buddies about them .

  3. Can someone plz help?
    I'm looking for this medieval looking game where it involves a royal family or wtv but unlike the cover the actual gameplay graphics looks 8-bit.
    I THINK its a city/resource management sim but idk, I thought I added it to my wishlist but i can't seem to find it.

    can someone plz give me the title whenever they can, it looks really interesting to me and i THINK its also a recent game released this year, but i could be wrong.

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