Trae Young gets heated with reporter about altercation with Nate McMillan


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  1. If what the guy at the end says is true, Trae let his ego keep him from playing off the bench that game he sat out, which is very immature and not a good example for a team leader to set.

  2. Trae young: “you don’t know the whole story”
    Also Trae young: “I’m not gunna tell you the whole story”
    … I understand it was a private matter but it became public so he has to understand that they gunna ask questions about it

  3. This is THE SAME badgering and pestering they did to Kyrie a month ago. They gotta stop with these accusations and questions that aren't basketball related. The players off court lives are not your concern. Sorry, not sorry.

  4. Trae handled himself well. Reporters always trying to ask you questions in a certain way to invoke an emotional response so they can create a narrative. Good job Trae

  5. god sometimes I wish media wasn’t a thing, wouldn’t have all these stereotypes about players and all this junk getting out about players personal lives i mean I don’t watch the nba for that man I just wanna watch basketball. These reporters getting to be too much, I’d be fined for yelling at them 😂. Nah but fr he did a good job keeping a cool head and all.

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