1. The reality is that Trump is a paranoid narcissist …. He is unwell.

    How he is still:
    * Not in prison
    * Not heavily medicated
    * Allowed to even run for any public office.

    Trump however is the epitome of the American dream (😲) for 50% of the US public …. Which is deeply dangerous.

  2. Hey are white supremacist all Republicans. The Republican party let crazy drive the train off the tracks. Now it's too late to save the party because they didn't do the right thing for his impeachment ( either time). Wth!

  3. "There wasn't going to be an insurrection. I just told a large group of people a lie and told them to fight if the vice president didn't capitulate to my demands."

  4. Donald has almost snapped. I sincerely believe a gentle reminder to all to be well prepared for such a horrendous eventuality is in order here due to the likelihood of that bloated man-child prick finally exploding and covering everything within a radius of well over 100 miles with a very think layer of BS. Normal people won’t learn of this highly likely, extremely serious state of affairs that could happen at any given moment, but they will learn a hard lesson indeed when their local sanitation department sends them a gigantic, goddamned bill to pay for the cleaning up thousands of pounds of BS covering everything.

  5. Why doesn't someone cut his lying tongue out from that filthy cavity called a mouth, then have him criminally insane and LOCK HIM UP. Evidently he is a menace to society. How long must Americans endure this fool???

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