Trump’s BIG Announcement at Mar-a-Lago, GOP Keeps Their Distance & Pence Sheds Light on Insurrection

The final votes for last week’s midterm elections are still being counted, but the race for 2024 has already begun, Donald Trump made a big announcement tonight at Mar-a-Lago, surrounded by dozens of his closest friends and thousands of classified documents, Trump is being expected to launch a new presidential campaign, many Republicans are distancing themselves from Trump, January 6 “stop the stealer” Ali Alexander was invited to attend Trump’s announcement speech, Mike Pence released his mildly anticipated memoir highlighting what happened January 6, Trump Worshiper Kari Lake is defeated in the race for governor in Arizona, we’re all still trying to figure out what Herschel Walker says, and our own Guillermo was honored by the Critics’ Choice Association for their Celebration of Latino Cinema and television. SUBSCRIBE to get the latest #Kimmel:

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  1. My God look at all that stupid in the audience These idiots don't get it it's not about making America great it's about making trump great he wants to be a dictator

  2. I remember a couple years ago when that Trump guy was President gas was $2.50, food prices were normal & we didn't have a USA VS Russia proxy war via Ukraine started. I was better off when that Trump guy was in office because now I'm paying a lot more for almost everything. Those are the proven facts.

  3. Just dropped by to say that Jimmy Kimmel isn't funny. And those laugh and applaud from the audience couldn't be any more fake than it is. Bye.

  4. Is this moron still on air wow America where anyone can be an expert with not one bit of scientific evidence and now he’s commenting on a man who intellectually would wipe the floor with this guy he must live in California or New York get off Kimmel yesterdays false media

  5. Why authorities do not shut down hatred like this garbage is amazing this needs to stop as it effects bad behavior. Supreme Court needs to shut this down. NOW

  6. Tis a shame it breaths again, the Orangutan. Then again, every other person in the US loves the guy. And too Guillermo… now there's a man who has made the most out of an act of kindness. Salute!

  7. Isn't he still being investigated for the coup attempt, and for the top secret documents found at his country club? This IS a joke! No repubs will have the guts to run against him, but any Democrat that opposes him will win.

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