Tua Tagovailoa didn’t show concussion symptoms, review says


concussion protocol for Tua Tagovailoa Time is not triggered Miami Dolphins‘ loss Green Bay Packers Last week, according to the results of a joint review from the NFL and NFLPA.

Tagovailoa is currently in the concussion protocol after experiencing his second documented concussion of the season.

“The protocol is initiated when a player sustains a head injury and exhibits or reports signs or symptoms of a concussion,” the NFL and NFLPA said in a joint statement Saturday. “The review established that no concussion symptoms were exhibited or reported until the next day at which time the team’s medical staff appropriately evaluated and placed Mr. Tagovailo in the concussion protocol.”

He finished Sunday’s game, a 26-20 loss in which Tagovailoa threw three fourth-quarter interceptions and spoke to the media. He was placed on protocol after showing symptoms the next day.

Tagovailoa previously entered concussion protocol after the game against the Dolphins Cincinnati Bengals 4 weeks and was briefly hospitalized after hitting his head on the turf. He missed the next two games and returned in Week 7.

Tagovailoa had another hard hit during a win four days before the Cincinnati game the buffalo. He showed signs of symptoms but was evaluated and remained in the game.

The NFL later changed its concussion protocol to mandate that any player showing signs of a possible concussion — including a lack of balance or stability — sit out the remainder of a game.

Tagovailoa has set career highs in every major passing stat this season, but the Dolphins have lost four straight games and are the No. 7 seed in the AFC playoff picture. They can secure their first playoff berth since 2016 on Sunday New England Patriots and a New York Jets damage Seattle Seahawks Or a tie combined with a jet loss and Pittsburgh Steelers loss or tie Teddy Bridgewater Will start at quarterback for the Dolphins.

This report used information from Marcel Louis-Jacques of ESPN.


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