Tyler, The Creator – GONE, GONE / THANK YOU (Lyrics) i hate wasted potential it crushes your spirit


Get Tyler, The Creator – GONE, GONE / THANK YOU (Lyrics) Delayed + Reverb | i hate wasted potential, it crushes your mind:…

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  1. "I hate wasted potential " i love how people are putting this sentence before talking about their personal wasted potential, i hope everyone's doing well<3

  2. I hate water potential, that shit crushes your spirit. It really does it crushes your spirit. My dad told me his life story and it crushes me. He had the chance to be a chemist. I’m high school he had the chance to go to a college with his teacher and learn more about chemistry. He didn’t do because the teacher was known as “ugly” and he would’ve been made fun of. After that his life pretty much went downhill. When he first told me the story, I could see the hurt in his eyes and hear it in his voice. Now he drinks and has gotten in trouble 2 times but still continued drinking. I really think he’s just kind of given up now and won’t try to get help anymore. I really feel bad though, it really makes me think about what his life really was back then. And what he really went through.

  3. I hate wasted potential, that shit crushes your spirit, yeah, I can relate, I'm a wasted potential.
    August,2020, I had money, a boyfriend, a cat, a job, I was living in a city that I love( 4.000 from where I was born), an extra money , I lost my job in October, my extra money was also cut, I had to spend all the saved money paying bills and my rent, but in may, I couldn't anymore, a friend that I helped in the past just left me alone in my worst moment, so I had to sell all my furniture in a very low price just to get money enough to move back to the city I was born( which I hate because is too violent and the whether is hot all the time ) now I spend most of my days in hospital taking care of my uncle that is sick and makes me so sad, you know, seeing him sick, and I don't know if I will see my boyfriend and my cat again, after all of that I don't have more joy, some days I don't brush my teeth or my hair because everything just seems lost for me and I feel sad all the time, I have no hope left and I don't even know if I wanna keep being alive. I mean, I had everything and now I have nothing but expensive bills to pay. Oh Lord! I never thought my life would turned out this way, and when I think about the past I know that I could do more to have a more stable career and more money saved but now my existence is just a big waste of time.
    Sorry for the long text , I don't have friends anymore…. 🙁

  4. So the one part everyone looked for great amazing. However the rest of the song lmfao that’s waisted potential absolute fucking garbage couldn’t even hold a simple key

  5. I hate wasted potential, that shit crushes your spirit it really does, it crushes your soul. I’ve been around drug addicts all my life and now I see my little cousin falling down the same path. He could have been a major athlete with how talented he was in football, wrestling, and basketball. Now he’s a senior in high school and is doing hardcore drugs. I had to growl at him today for doing whip-its during a 10 year olds birthday party and tried to handle my 6 month old son like a few minutes after. I hate drug abuse and I hate knowing that my cousin is feeling unwanted and is turning towards drugs. Please don’t abuse drugs, that shit crushes your spirit.

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