UNDISPUTED – Baker Mayfield throws 2 TD as Carolina Panthers loss to Bengals – Shannon reacts

UNDISPUTED – Baker Mayfield throws 2 TD as Carolina Panthers lose to Bengals – Shannon responds

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  1. I have watched Lamar Jackson and….he is not accurate, I believe Jackson would have trouble hitting the broadside of a barn. He can run, runs well….can he pass? Not so much.

  2. Skip: They were ranked 32nd and dead last through the offseason and thats when he took over.
    Shannon: And they still are.
    Skip:OK we'll see about that…..Alright I'm not giving up.
    Baker is skips illegitimate son confirmed.😂😂

  3. Kind of lost a little respect for Shannon on the Kyrie subject. I am 54 years old found out that I was of Hebrew Israelite lineage at the age of 22. Every time I go into a synagogue of American or European Jews. They always ask me when I convert. Who said I converted

  4. Browns are a horrible match up for Bengals. We’ve seen it pretty much 2.5 yeas now. Bad o line going up against a really good defense. Bengals o line is starting to gel a little and come along but put them up against brows Defense forget it. Bad matchup that’s going to stop a good skill player offense. I hate saying it like that because it’s a suttle diss to good o line guys. Baker benefited from that and so did Brisette. Game of matchups.

  5. Shannon: "Skip when have we seen Baker 'start' a game with comparable stats to what he had yesterday?"
    Skip: "The first game….but in the 4th quarter"
    Shannon: 😌😑

  6. Main thing is that the Carolina offense at least got some snaps in the second half. For the Panthers to get any kind of better, the offense needs to stay on the field and get some time of possession.

  7. Did 14 of his throws finding the mark matter which the hell was playing defense? THIS IS NFL and pros with some second teamers just a step away from starting. So much damn negative bullshit on Baker when PJ totally panicked and STUNK!

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