Union Bound

Sergeant Hoover went to war to keep the Union. After being captured and sent to a POW camp, he understood whatโ€ฆ

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  1. Would I rather watch a movie like this or a movie like "Batman Begins" or "Jurassic Park"? "Union Bound" comes out on top while the others matter not in the slightest in the larger scheme of things. Those of you who scoff at this honest movie because of minor trivial objections should take stock of why you might feel this way. If Brad Pitt, Sylvester Stallone or Hillary Swank is not featured…do you lose interest? If lots of blood and gore, sexual content up the wazoo or fantastic story lines devoid of reality are your "thing" then that doesn't say much of your objectivity or values. The producers of this movie preferred highlighting something with moral values that the whole family could enjoy. Criticizing this movie doesn't make you "sophisticated" if that was a possible reason…It only reveals a shallowness of intellect and sensitivity.

  2. Nope! Canโ€™t stand films like this where these POWโ€™s have nice clean, unripped clothes and are well groomed. Good thing I saw it in the first scene so I didnโ€™t waste my time…

  3. Hardly the usual Confederate horror camp: tents, fresh drinking water food… Union soldiers at Andersonville were forced to starve laying in an open field among malarial mosquitos getting drinking water from a stream the Confederate soldiers washed their horses in and used for a latrine. And to this day they still piss and moan about General Sherman whose men found out about it and were only reacting accordingly.

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